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Monday, May 18, 2009

Moshi Monsters Cheats, Codes, Hints and Game tips.... PC

Exclusive Moshi Monsters seven feet tall wall graphics

Moshi Monsters here's a list of Moshi Monsters Cheats - enjoy...

Submitted by: RM

Moshi Monsters game

Use the star blossom,dragon fruit and hot silly peppers. First dragon fruit
then, hot silly pepers then the star blossom.

Secret - moshlings:
Update by: Simonette
Update by: Jacquelyn29
Submitted by: Sara

All moshlings and the combinations (so far).

Common Moshlings:

002 - Chop Chop (monkey) > 3 Dragons.
003 - Gingersnap (beat up cat) > Magic + Love + Pepper.

007 - Fifi (puppies) > Pepper + Magic + Dragon
008 - Squidge (a fluffy flying thing) > Star + Pepper + Dragon.
010 - Snookums (Dinosaur) > 3 Star.
013 - Dj Quack (duck) > Dragon + Moon + Star.
018 - Stanley (seahorse) > 2 Love Berries + 1 Dragon Fruit.
020 - Purdy (pink fluffy cat) > Dragon + Moon + Dragon.
023 - *Humphrey (hippo) > Daisy + Magic + Pepper
024 - Angel (unicorn / pegasus) > Magic + Pepper + Pepper

Uncommon Moshlings:
027 - Kissy (baby ghost) > Purple Star + Yellow Star + Black Magic.

028 - *Rocky (worldies) > Pink Daisy + Love + Pepper
030 - Lady Meowford (white cat) > Blue Moon + Pink Moon + Purple Star.
034 - Dipsy (cloud) > Red/Pink Moon + Yellow Moon + Yellow Love.

038 - *McNutty > Apple + Apple + Purple Star
039 - Shelby (turtle) > Blue Dragon + Black Dragon + Blue Magic.
040 - Doris (rhinosaurus) >
3 Moons + Orchids - plant them they grow Doris appears.
043 - Blurp (blowfish) > Purple Moon + Pink Love + Black Love/Blue Moon.
047 - Sooki-Yaki (ninja cat) > Purple Pepper + Red Magic + Yellow Magic.
048 - *Priscilla (horse with tiara) > Yellow apple + Red moon + Blue moon

Rare Moshlings:

050 - Pooky (dinosaur) > Red moon + Purple Magic + Red magic.
052 - *Coolio (ice-cream) > Pink apple + yellow Star + Black love
053 - Fumble (starfish) > Red Star + Yellow Love + Red Star/ Magic.
054 - Flumpy (pluff) > Black Moon + Red Magic + Red Star.

055 - *White Fang (puppies) > Red Magic, Red Moon, Red Magic, Red Star.
056 - Mr. Snoodle (elephant) > Red Pepper + Purple Magic + Blue Pepper.
057 - *Honey (rabbit) > Red/Blue Magic + Yellow Love + Blue Apple
059 - Hansel (gingerbread) > Blue/Purple Dragon + Black Magic + Black Moon.
060 - Ecto (ghost) > Red Love + Black Love + Pink/Yellow Pepper.

061 - Liberty (worldies) > Black Love + Red Love + Black/Yellow/Blue/Pink Love.
065 - Tiki (toucan) > Red/Purple Star + Pink Love + Red Love.
071 - Peppy Penguin (penguin) > Blue/Red/Black Moon + Purple Moon + Yellow Magic.
072 - Cali (mermaid) > Blue Moon + Pink Magic + Yellow Moon.
073 - *Jeepers (tiger) > Pink Love + Red Daisy +Blue Apple
074 - Prof. Purplex (owl) > Red/Blue Dragon + Pink Love + Yellow moon.

Very rare Moshlings:

077 - Waldo (nerdy Squirrel) > Pink Love + Purple/Black Dragon + Red Star.
078 - Burnie (dragon) > Red apple + Red apple + Blue daisy
079 - Gigi (unicorn) > Blue Pepper + Red Moon + Yellow Pepper.

079 - * Cleo (worldies) > Blue Daisy + Pink Daisy + Yellow Apple.
082 - General Fuzukie (warrior) > Yellow Love + Purple Star + Red Pepper.
083 - Gurgle (dragon) > Red Dragon + Yellow Magic + Purple Love.

084 - *Scamp (puppies) > Black Apple + Pink Dragon + Blue Moon.
087 - *ShiShi (panda) > Black daisy + Yellow pepper + Red dragon.
088 - Oddie (doughnut) > Yellow Star + Black Star + Purple Star.
089 - Big Bad Bill (voodoo guy) > Yellow Love + Black Star + Blue Star.
091 - *Cutie Pie (cup cake) > Pink star + Purple Daisy + Blue Dragon

097 - *Mini Ben (worldies) > Black Snap Apple + Black Snap Apple + Black Snap Apple
100 - *IGGY (floating purple loading guy) > Purple Daisy + Purple Daisy + Black Moon.

Ultra rare Moshlings:
Roxy (Secret #1) Secrets - Purple gem
- On log in screen secret code box type HOBBIDIDANCE this will give you the Radiant Roxy Rose Plant. Take it to your garden and plant it with any two other plants. When it is full grown you'll find Roxy there!

Lady Googoo (Secret #2) - Purple gem
- Get invite to become a Super Moshi and complete your secret mission. This involves returning an egg to a guy with a beard. Lady GooGoo hatches the egg, then gives you the moshling.

Moshlings with a * beside their name are members only

???- Ecto (Cute Ghost flying thing) >> Red love + Black Love + Yellow Pepper.
???- Cali (mermaid) >> Blue Moon + Pink Magic + Yellow Moon.

How to get a gingersnap:
First buy love berries, hot silly peppers and magic beans seeds plant
them in the following order:

-Love berries.
-Hot silly peppers.
-Magic beans.
-Let them grow fully and then visit them the cat will b sitting there.

Free roxs:
Plant three magic beans and than wait until they are grown that when you take
they out you will get 100 roxs for each planet.

Free rox:

Plant 3 magic beans. Once they have fully grown, dig them up. The rox can range
from 1 - 100 depending on your monsters health(if your monsters health is low you'll
get a low amount of rox etc.)

Submitted by: taniesha

Faster Growing Moshling Seeds:
Get on the game and plant any Moshling Seeds you want. Then sign of and wait for about
5-20 minutes. Get back online and your plant will have grown some.

Shop people talking forever:
This only works in the wall paper store the fancy store and dress up store people!
This needs to go fast! When they are talking click the arrow to go down! and there
voice should stop but they will keep moving there mouth.


How to get a rox plant plant any 2 seeds and wait till they fully grow then plant a third
leave the moshling gardens and go straight back in if there is a small blue thing insted of
your plant don't dig it up put your mouse over it and it will say dig up this rox plant/
but don't dig it up let it grow.

Submitted by: samun

How to do the daily challenge again:

Click on your monster with a right click. Then, undo the right click, and go home.
Drink a toad soda, then go to the daily challenge, click on it, and play it again.
You will get from 5-1000 rox.

Submitted by: Lenora

Secret for butter game:

Avoid getting hit by bugs, they will make you lose time don't get hit by the beetles,
they make you lose double time get high amounts of butterflies, not just 10 butterflies
that's all for now.

Submitted by: Stephanie

How to spend your rox wizely!:

first you play the daily challenge and get as much rox as you possibly can, next you go
to yukia and get what you want there, then go to bizarre bizzaar and buy what you want
but not all your rox, finally go to the market place and spend almost the rest of your
rox but leave enough to buy food for your monster until you have zero rox left!!!

Submitted by: zoe

How to make seeds grow faster:
All you have to do is when you log on you go and look how they are doing, plant some
if you want, then play some games while you wait 5-15 mins, ( I would wait about 10-15
mins) then go back and check! It's that simple! No need to log off either.

The daily challenge moneymaker:

If you press right click and then undo the click, drink a toad soda and do the daily
challenge, do it before you've already done it for the day. I only just figured that
out if you're wondering how to do it!

Submitted by: Sara

How to get two moshlings at a time:

First of plant a:
* dragon fruit.
* love berrie.
* magic beans.

When they have fully grown you will see two moshlings.

Submitted by: Sridhar

How to get lots of friends:

For this you need to have at least one friend. Go to their room, then click on their
friends tree. Then click on one of their friends, but make sure that this is a friend
you have not yet got. You will go to their room. Click on their friends tree to send
them a friend request. Once you have done this, click on their pinboard, and click on
somebody's photo on a message. Now you are at someone else's room. Repeat what you just
did, sending them a friend request and clicking on their pinboard. This can go on for as
long as you like, until you have as many friends as you want.

Submitted by: FloJo13

Horrods: Acid Fountain:

This only works if you are a moshi member. Go to Horrods and if the acid fountain is not
there go to the Port. Go into Colorama and turn the monster red and blue. Then go home
(make sure you have Cup O Gruel)and eat Cup O Gruel. Finally go to Bab's Boutique and get
a tag of the monster you are. Go to Horrods and the Acid Fountain might have replaced
something on the end of the top line.

Submitted by: Tom

More moshling codes:

Burnie(dragon) - 2 red apple 1 blue daisy
Shishi(panda) - black daisy red dragonyellow pepper
jeepers(tiger) - blue apple pink love red daisy
coolio(ice Cream) - pink apple black love n star
cutie pie(cupcake) - blu dragon pink star purple daisy

Submitted by: granttay

How to get Pooky:

How to get a moshling called pooky: two magic beans and moon orchid.
Pooky is dinosaur with egg on head and is number 50.

Submitted by: Blueybuns

A tip : How to give your monster a friend; not a moshling!:

If you want your monster to ave a little buddy to its right, all you have to do is this:
*Buy a pom pom, shutter glasses, shoes, etc.
*Go to the dress up room
*Drag the pom pom and place it next to your monster or above as you want it
*Then dress up the pom pom!
*Put the shutter glasses on it like a glass!
*And you can give it earrings, anything!

If you don't understand the above, go onto Moshi Monsters and add me. I'll tell you then.
Search for me as 'jenitajj' and tell me why you added me and if it was for this.
I love this trick! Hope you do!

Submitted by: Jenita xxx


002 chop chop any three dragons (ninga monkey) 003 ginger snap (beat up cat) magic love
pepper 008 sguidge (fluffy flying thing) 010 snookmus (dinosaur)Any three star.

Submitted by: oli

Get moshling without seeds:

This only works if you are a member.go to your moshling zoo and look around to see what
moshling you want.(make sure you don't already have and if you have six moshlings click
on the "x" to get rid of them)then go to the one that you like and "right click" and click
"zoom in" three times then "left click" on the moshling.Right click and click "show all"
and you have that moshling you wanted.

Submitted by: bobo

How to get more rox:

This only works if you are a moshi member.
When u go 2 the port you have rox trees. To get the rox of the tree just click on the tree.
Once you've shaken them all but still don't have enough rox, sign out then sign in again.
If u go back into the port the rox will be back on the trees!

Submitted by: niamh

How to get your monster happy when your level 1 or 2:

If you are level 1 or 2 and your monster isn't to happy then just go shopping every item you
buy adds a bit of happiness to your monster so go shopping.

Submitted by: Rory

Moshling Sead grows:

The Moshling seeds only grow fast if you play puzzles for 15-20 minutes. Puzzles take one
minute per game. Don't log off!!! If you don't play puzzles you will have to wait more than
10 hours.

Submitted by: princesscris98

How do you get black wallpaper on moshi monsters?

You go to yukea on the main street and if you look down the list you will see it for 77 rox and you have to be level 2.


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GET ROXY: Type in as you log-in use caps - LOX HOBBIDIDANCE
then go to your seed garden and you'll have a roxy seed - plant it water it and overnight Roxy will appear.

Source: CheatBook