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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

TERA new dungeons and 64 bit upgrade...

Here are the latest content update for action MMO TERA that features a special charity initiative on console to benefit medical professionals around the world as well as new dungeons on both PC and Console. In addition, the PC version gets an upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Willy Morgan & the curse of bone town pirate side scrolling adventure game (like monkey Island)

Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town offers a modern take on point-and-click adventure games by having players collect clues and solve puzzles in a computerised 3D pirate world. 

As Willy uncovers details regarding his father’s mysterious disappearance, fans of all ages are able to enjoy hilarious dialogue, whimsical characters and charming cartoon graphics. People who grew up with the genre can appreciate easter eggs that reference iconic titles they grew up during the good old days.

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Vanillaware's 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is now up for digital pre-order

Vanillaware's 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is now up for digital pre-order from PlayStation Store! Pre-order today and get access to an exclusive digital art book filled with high-definition images showing off Vanillaware's signature painterly illustrations, character art, and more!

Lauded by Japanese game industry leaders, Vanillaware's sci-fi mystery epic 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim releases on September 22 exclusively for PlayStation 4. From the storytellers behind Odin Sphere and Dragon's Crown, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim takes the player along an edge-of-the-seat mystery across time, space, and humanity spanning thirteen intertwining stories.

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Design your own golf course with PGA TOUR 2K21 Course Designer Game - then play it!

Pick and choose from thousands of custom options as you build the wildest, wackiest and most punishing course that you’ll ever see in your lifetime.

You’ve already seen the 15 officially licensed Tournament Players Club (TPC) courses featured in PGA TOUR 2K21, but maybe you have the course of your dreams (or an opponent’s nightmares) bouncing around in your head. If you can dream it, you can build it with the PGA TOUR 2K21 Course Designer!

First gameplay look at Necromunda: Underhive Wars

First look at gameplay for Necromunda: Underhive Wars, the upcoming third-person tactical action game set in Games Workshop’s iconic far-future cityscape, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 8. 

Deep below the nightmarish, polluted hive cities of Necromunda, in the twisted, vertiginous, dark tunnels of the Underhive, rival gangs fight to the bitter end for personal power, wealth, survival and the honour of their House.

Wira & Taksa Against the Master of Gravity PC release 27th August

2.5D puzzle platformer Wira and Taksa Against the Master of Gravity will be released on Steam on August 27.

Wira and Taksa Against the Master of Gravity is a video game mixing platforming action and puzzle solving with the special feature of combining the gravities of the universe.

Wira and Taksa Against the Master of Gravity is played in an orthogonal perspective but it’s entirely built in 3D. Each level contains parts which turn 90 degrees to the right so players can discover and explore new areas hidden at first sight.

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

All PlayStation Network Discounts 5 August 2020

  • Age Of Wonders: Planetfall - £22.49 (50% off)
  • Age Of Wonders: Planetfall Deluxe Edition - £24.99 (50% off)
  • Age Of Wonders: Planetfall Premium Edition - £37.49 (50% off)
  • American Fugitive - £6.29 (65% off) / £5.39 Plus (70% off)
  • AO International Tennis - £8.79 (45% off) / £7.99 Plus (50% off)
  • Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition - £10.49 (70% off)
  • The Bard's Tale IV: Director's Cut - £12.24 (65% off) / £10.49 Plus (70% off)
  • Batman — The Telltale Series — Season Pass - £4.79 (60% off) / £4.19 Plus (65% off)
  • Batman: Arkham Collection - £15.99 (68% off) / £13.49 Plus (73% off)
  • Batman: The Enemy Within — Season Pass - £4.79 (60% off) / £4.19 Plus (65% off)
  • Battlefield V Year 2 Edition - £23.09 (58% off)

ATOM Post Apocalyptic RPG to be released on Android 27 August

Atom RPG, a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game that saw releases to GOG and Steam on PC in the past, is going to be ported to Android on the 27th of August.
Post-apocalyptic indie game, inspired by classic CRPGs: Fallout, System Shock, Deus Ex, Baldur's Gate and many others. In 1986 both the Soviet Union and the Western Bloc were destroyed in mutual nuclear bombings.
You are one of the survivors of the nuclear Holocaust. Your mission - to explore the wild and wondrous world of the Soviet Wasteland. To earn your place under the sun. And to investigate a shadowy conspiracy, aimed at destroying all that is left of life on Earth.

Streetfighter V Champion Edition New characters, Stages & more

Street Fighter V Summer Update web direct presentation, Capcom revealed new details on the characters, stages and other content coming to the fifth and final season of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. 
Announced by the Street Fighter V development team, Dan, Rose, Oro, Akira and one yet-to-be revealed character will be joining the hard-hitting roster. These newly-confirmed characters are currently in production, so additional details and in-progress images and gameplay footage will be shared in the months ahead as these new characters take form. 

PUBG Esports Expands dates.with PCS3 plus more dates for PCS2 Grand Finals in September

PUBG announce an extension to there 2020 esports calendar with the addition of PUBG Continental Series 3 (PCS3) in November. PUBG esports add an additional opportunity for players and teams to play on a global stage, helping further ensure the commitment to building a strong and sustainable esports foundation with its regional tournament system. 
As with each previous PCS event, PCS3 will consist of four regional tournaments across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Asia. Each of the teams will fight for the right to be crowned their region’s Grand Champions and win a part of their regional $200,000 USD prize pool (for a total of $800,000 USD winnings across all regions). 

Wait! Life is Beautiful - psychological thriller game on PC

Playing Wait! Life is Beautiful! is like watching a spine-tingling film or TV show where the viewer is in the main character’s tense mental state. 
The story revolves around a young ordinary office clerk, he isn't a hero or a wizard, but an average citizen. As we watch him, we lose ourselves in his emotional state. He’s exhausted by the monotony of life and hounded by thoughts about the meaninglessness of existence.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Chicken Bomb (Bomberman clone) PC Gameplay

Featuring RPG elements and inspired by Bomberman’s gameplay mechanics, in Chicken Bomb you will have to control a chicken and blast other creatures using its exploding eggs.

Chicken Bomb contains many animals to destroy such as horses and cows. Visuals are very cartoonish and the game includes many scenarios with different animals in each.

Where Is My Body? – New cartridge Game Boy game smashes Kickstarter goal

The first milestone to fund the production and development of the 8-bit point and click adventure Where Is My Body? for the Nintendo Game Boy on Kickstarter has been accomplished, pledging more than 400% of its first objective.

Inspired by titles such as Maniac Mansion, Where Is My Body? is a game in which you will have to take on the role of a hand which has to solve different mysteries and follow the thread of the story in two chapters.

HyperX Showdown can Aerial Powers and Paul George basketball powerhouses survive the Call of Duty?

Call of Duty: Warzone is an open court for basketball greats Ariel Powers and Paul George. This week, the HyperX Challenge will see two sharpshooters of the hardwood face off against sharpshooters of the digital world. Fans can tune in to all the action on August 3rd at 7pm EST over on the HyperX twitch channel. Can two basketball greats bring their skills from the court to the battlefield? Find out tonight.

Co-sponsor StockX will be hosting a promotion that will net two winners a $250 gift card for tuning in. Viewers and hopeful recipients will be able to get all the details during the event.

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Williams Pinball 5 Tales of the Arabian Nights, Cirqus Voltaire and No Good Golfers.

Williams Pinball: Volume 5 is available now on Pinball FX3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 and Steam, as well as for Williams Pinball on mobile for iOS and Google Play. 

This terrific table-trio features classic Williams and Bally tables Tales of the Arabian Nights, Cirqus Voltaire and No Good Golfers. Williams Pinball: Volume 5 not only features classic simulations of these iconic tables, but also includes remastered versions incorporating 3D interactive characters, side wall art, ball trailer effects, particle effects, and more at the toggle of a button.

Ghost of Tsushima tops UK games chart see top 40 for this week

TitlePublisherWeeksLast Week

Company of Crime HD London Crime Game announcement and gameplay

Company of Crime is a criminal empire-builder featuring tactical turn-based missions. It takes place in 1960s London, the cultural capital of the world and home to a plethora of subcultures and businesses. Your task is to build a company that will own the criminal underworld, or if you play as the chief inspector of Scotland Yard’s famous Flying Squad, tear it down piece by piece. 

Williams Pinball: Volume 6 video gameplay

Williams Pinball: Volume 6 featuring three legendary classic Williams and Bally pinball tables with Funhouse, Space Station, and Dr. Dude and His Excellent Ray. This Pinball FX3 table-trio is coming soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, and Steam. Mobile users can play through the Williams Pinball app on iOS and Google Play.

Step right up to the Funhouse as the iconic ventriloquist dummy Rudy taunts you in his fantastic amusement park world full of Mystery Mirrors, Wind Tunnels, Crazy Steps, Superdogs, Trapdoors, Gangways, Hidden Hallways, and his own Hideout. Don’t let Rudy’s heckling ruin your game!

Saturday, August 01, 2020

August highlights on Nintendo Switch

Unfold Mario’s latest crafty quest with Paper Mario: The Origami King, enjoy a dreamy new update full of fireworks with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, or find that perfect game to play this summer.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Peaky Blinders - Mastermind puzzle adventure game PC PS4 XOne Switch

The very first game based on the award-winning Peaky Blinders TV series - Peaky Blinders: Mastermind - will launch across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on 20th August. 

Peaky Blinders: Mastermind - which can be pre-ordered on Xbox One and Steam for PC from today - is a puzzle-adventure game based on the multi-award-winning TV show, developed by celebrated independent studio FuturLab, in collaboration with the creative and production teams behind Peaky Blinders, the independent production company Caryn Mandabach Productions.
Taking place immediately before the events of the show’s very first season, players will join the Shelby family's criminal organisation as they discover a sinister plot to put Tommy out of business.