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Friday, August 16, 2019

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Takes Aim at November 22 Global Release

Keep it steady with a brand new trailer, focused on the game’s titular contracts!

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts will be available everywhere with a global release date of November 22, 2019. Launching on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, this represents a return to form for the Sniper Ghost Warrior series, offering up best-in-class sniping and empowering players with more ways to take down their targets than ever before. Get the inside scoop on a brand new region and a wealth of new tactical tools to up your game with in the latest trailer!

International DJ Dimitri Vegas and Actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, a.k.a. The Mountain from HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” to Battle Head-to-Head in Mortal Kombat 11 at Gamescom 2019

International DJ Dimitri Vegas and actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, also known as The Mountain from HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” will battle head-to-head in Mortal Kombat 11 via two different live matchups at Gamescom 2019 in Cologne, Germany.

First, Gamescom attendees can watch the EDM artist, Vegas, face-off in Mortal Kombat 11 against the Icelandic strongman, Björnsson, in the “The Music vs. The Muscle” matchup at the Google Stadia consumer booth, located in Hall 9 of the Koelnmesse, on 22nd August at 3.30 p.m. BST. Mortal Kombat 11 on Stadia will also be playable for the first time at the Stadia consumer booth during show hours.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival – Dragons, Real-World Activations, Details

Dragons are coming! Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival is fast approaching, and Niantic and WB Games have shared more tantalising details about what to expect during the event at White River State Park in Indianapolis on 31st August and 1st September. Set to be an incredible adventure, the first official real-world event for the hit AR mobile game will have players discovering Dragons for the first time ever while participating in a unique Special Task to be unveiled at the event. Attendees will be able to experience magical artefacts and creatures and relax with friends at themed lounges within the park.

Fans can purchase tickets for the Fan Festival taking place in Indianapolis this Labour Day weekend, within the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling Delivers Body Slams and Laser Beams This Fall on Steam PC

Sign Up Now to Take Part in the Closed Beta This Month and Experience the Most Over-The-Top Wrestling Action EVER!

CHIKARA, the wrestling innovator renowned for its family-friendly style of professional wrestling that reaches millions of fans in over 40 countries, announced today that CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling (CAAW) will be launching in Fall 2019 on Steam. Inspired by the speed and quick button action of arcade wrestling games, players will revel in the fast gameplay, stylized comic-book visuals, and colourful cast of official CHIKARA wrestlers that include Razerhawk, Fire Ant, Hallowicked, Solo Darling, and many more.

Abertay University to hold first ever Free Summer Games Show

Virtual reality games aimed at helping people overcome workplace anxiety and envisioning how plastic pollution will affect society in the future will be among the innovative experiences playable at Abertay University’s first ever Summer Video games Show.

The free event at Abertay Student Centre in Dundee on August 29 will showcase work by Masters and Accelerated students from the university’s internationally renowned video games courses.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark story-driven turn-based tactical RPG on Switch

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark is a turn-based tactical RPG with a focus on storytelling and strategic battles. Unfold a mature story as you progress through hand-crafted scenarios, controlling your own group of Arbiters, with each character customisable from a wide selection of classes and abilities!

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark is a story-driven, turn-based tactical RPG set in a fantasy world with a touch of steampunk. Take control of the Arbiter Kyrie, an agent of the Immortal Council tasked with preserving stability and order throughout the land, and lead your troops through difficult encounters.

Minute of Islands - comic-book style colourful and eye catching puzzle platform game

Studio Fizbin to take players on an adventure through the enigmatic world of Minute of Islands on console and PC in early 2020. The game places players in a strange and beautiful archipelago, polluted by dangerous spores. The only thing keeping the series of islands safe are mysterious antennas built when Giants lived alongside people. But the machines are now failing, and the only person who can repair them is engineer, Mo, and her versatile Omni-Switch.

Driven to protect her family and friends, Mo sets out on a quest where she encounters a cast of curious creatures along the way. But, as she uncovers the truth of the islands and the giants living below the surface, she will begin to learn that maybe her focus and stoic ambition are not always the assets she believes them to be. It's a journey that will have players discovering more about the islands and Mo, while also having them examine their own lives and priorities. It’s this realisation that leads Mo on a journey over the haunted islands of her home world and into the depths of her subconscious.

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition out now on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox and Switch

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition is an intense modern take on the Brawler genre where you will punch, hack and blast your way through enemies using fists, hammers, fire arms and even the environment.

Play as Vasily, once elite operative working for the biggest Cybernetic Weapon Manufacturer in the world, he narrowly escape to a secluded monastery when the corporation turned on him, willing to make him one of its cyborg soldiers.

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Just Cause 4: Danger Rising DLC for game announced - PC PS4 XO

The Agency Arrives With Rico in Their Sights. The past comes back to haunt Rico in the all-new Danger Rising DLC for JUST CAUSE 4, releasing August 29th, 2019, on XBOX ONE, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Armed with a new prototype Hoverboard, Rico vows to take down the Agency after learning of their plans to eliminate him. Tom Sheldon joins Rico on his mission and the pair begin by investigating a large submarine, which has surfaced ominously off the coast of Solis. Could Rico be out of his depth against The Agency?

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Summer Sale additions at PlayStation PSN Store UK - PS4, PS3 + Vita Deals

  • Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Deluxe Edition PS4 £44.99
  • Blazblue Cross Tag Battle PS4 £24.99
  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection PS4 £3.99
  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 — Apocalypse Z Edition PS4 £29.99
  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 — Digital Deluxe PS4 £42.49
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PS4 £17.49
  • Diablo III: Eternal Collection PS4 £15.94
  • Far Cry Primal PS4 £8.99
  • Guilty Gear PS4 £7.99
  • Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- PS4 £15.99
  • Htr+ Slot Car Simulation PSVita £1.99
  • Intruders: Hide And Seek PS4 £9.99
  • Judgment PS4 £32.49

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Last chance to see: AI: More than Human at the Barbican Centre

The Barbican’s major summer exhibition AI: More than Human will finish on 26 August, with two exclusive events happening in its final weeks including a celebration of Jeanette Winterson’s latest novel Frankissstein and a performance by AI virtual popstar Yona.

On 10 August 2019, Jeanette Winterson will visit the Barbican Centre for a day of events focused on her novel Frankissstein, inspired by Mary Shelley’s book of a similar name. Highlights include a dramatic reading of the book, a book club and book signing. Yona, a virtual entertainer created by technology firm Auxuman, will be the guest of honour on 23 August 2019, when she will be giving a multi-media performance. The AI popstar will perform after a discussion between electronic musician Ash Koosha and Auxuman co-founder Negar Shaghaghi.

WWE 2K20 announcement

WWE 2K20, in direct response to fan feedback, will include several franchise firsts alongside streamlined gameplay and a variety of popular modes. The story-driven, objective-based 2K Showcase: The Women’s Evolution will follow the careers of the Four Horsewomen – Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks. Controls will be streamlined to allow new players to jump into the game more easily, while experienced players will still enjoy a challenge.

In addition, WWE 2K20 players will be able to compete as both male and female Superstars in MyCAREER and Mixed Tag matches, while last year’s popular WWE Towers returns with exciting new challenges, including a story-driven Tower centered around the career of Roman Reigns.

Investigative thriller Dry Drowning launches on PC

At a time of political upheaval across the world, VLG Publishing is excited to announce that Dry Drowning - a visual novel that takes a stark look at a near-future dominated by dark forces in positions of power - has launched on Steam, GOG, Utomik, and for PC.

Dry Drowning drops players into the world of Mordred Foley - a troubled private detective with a genuinely shady past - and his mission to lift the lid on a serial killer taking out targets in a dystopian future. Weighed down by a dark history of his own, Foley’s world is one gripped by tyranny, where the hunger for power at the top results in society sinking to the absolute bottom.

Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip coming to gaming consoles and PC on Oct. 15, 2019

New co-op shooter based on Sony Pictures’ blockbuster horror comedy franchise revealed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC

Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip, a new video game inspired by the story, characters, humour and horror of Sony Pictures’ original hit film Zombieland and its sequel, Zombieland 2: Double Tap, arriving in theatres on Oct. 18, 2019. Developed by High Voltage Software, the game will launch on October 15, 2019 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. The game is published by GameMill Entertainment, Minneapolis, MN.

Friday, August 02, 2019

Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear let Buzz take hold of your Switch Lite, Switch, Phone, Controller and more

This is the gadget for all Toy Story fans. The amazing, stunning and collectable Buzz Lightyear figure is crafted to perfection in full oversized XL glory. His hands hold a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, Smartphones and game controllers.

To infinity and beyond with the amazing Buzz Lightyear from Cable Guy. You’ll always have a friend with Buzz that will hold all your gaming controllers and smart phones. The fun phone and device holder is must for Toy Story 4 fans, and those who have followed Buzz from way back in 1995.

E. Honda, Lucia and Poison Being join Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on August 4th

Three new challengers are joining the hard-hitting Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (SFV: AE) roster, boosting the current lineup to an impressive 38 characters. Available starting August 4th, E. Honda, Lucia and Poison are bringing their unique personalities and fighting styles to the game on both PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Additionally, E. Honda’s iconic “Honda Sento” bathhouse stage has been modernised for SFV: AE and will also be available on August 4th.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 are your PlayStation Plus games for August

WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 are your PlayStation Plus games for August.

Blast your way onto the podium in a lightning-fast, futuristic race craft, or work to unseat Axis powers as a covert marksman in World War II Italy as two new blockbuster titles join PS Plus on 6th August.

The Surge 2 - Overcome Upgrade action RPG sequel - PC PS4 XO

The Surge’s iconic fast-paced combat and unique limb targeting and looting mechanisms return for a dynamic combat experience that is as rewarding as it is unforgiving.

Experience brand new, bigger, more lively environments - Jericho City is a massive location, packed with secret passages, buildings, factions, friends, foes, and terrifying bosses. Abandoned, half-finished mega-structures sit alongside ostensibly serene parks that have become nanomachine hunting grounds. As you progress through this nightmare, earn TechScrap and equipment pieces by tearing off enemy limbs to equip them to your exo-rig.

LEGO Jurassic World T Rex Adventure on Switch

T. rex-sized Adventure Game Spanning Four Jurassic World Films ​​​​​​​Coming to New Platform This Autumn.

Players can take on the roles of heroic film characters, such as Dr. Ian Malcolm, Dr. Henry Wu, Claire Dearing, Owen Grady and more, throughout 20 story levels on a mission to collect precious amber containing dinosaur DNA. Players can use the DNA they’ve collected to create completely original dinosaurs with the Dino Customiser by mixing and matching colour, body parts and abilities, or fill the giant footsteps of the LEGO dinosaurs and play the game as the beasts themselves.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Hitman 2 Siberian Prison Sniper Assassin map - PC PS4 XOne

New HITMAN 2 trailer showcasing the upcoming “Siberia” Sniper Assassin Map, all-new downloadable content (DLC) arriving tomorrow (30th July) for all Expansion Pass owners. The latest long-range mission transports players to the Perm-14 prison facility located near the frigid Siberian tundra, one of the harshest climates on the planet, as they take on the solo role of Agent 47 or team up as operatives, Stone or Knight, via the franchise-first online co-operative mode.

In this latest map for Sniper Assassin mode, players must eliminate two targets and incite a prison riot to cover their tracks. The two primary targets within the mission are Roman Khabko, a renowned Russian mobster with suspected political ties, and Vitaly Reznikov, warden at the privately-owned prison who has been offered a bribe to facilitate an early release for Khabko. To complete the mission, both targets must be eliminated along with Reznikov’s mercenary guards, known as the Siberian Tigers. Players must take them out before it’s too late as Khabko’s release could set off a chain of events with negative diplomatic implications.