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Monday, January 10, 2022

Rogue Command Classical RTS, Deckbuilder, Roguelike Combo Game

Rogue Command, a love letter to the classics from the real-time strategy (RTS), deck building, and rogue like genres from developer Feneq, declares war on the oppressive Planetary Core Extractor Company in late 2022 on PC via Steam Early Access. Console reinforcements will gather resources for release alongside PC’s 1.0 launch in 2023.

Lead a robot uprising through procedurally generated battlefields to obtain a well-deserved vacation. Command the Engineer, a dangerously adorable A.I., in an interstellar robot rebellion. Select routes during each rogue like run and construct base buildings with more than 100 strategy-altering blueprint cards. Manufacture a defence force utilising 90 distinct unit types awaiting the creation of deadly ability combinations like the trusty robo-necromancy gloves. Oil will be spilled across these 16 distinct planet biomes.
Command the adorably dangerous Engineer, an A.I. with recently gained sentience who decided working endlessly isn’t a way to live for the next millennia. The Engineer is going rogue and will put it all on the line to push back the interstellar planet core mining corporation coming for his solar system and his day off.

Lead this robotic uprising against the Planetary Core Extractor Company (PCX) by building a base from scratch in procedurally generated battlefields across a star system with 16 distinct planet biomes. Explore through the fog of war, harvest resources to construct foundries, and assemble an insurmountable army.

After each mission, select a blueprint card that allows the construction of a new unit-producing building for this run. Visit a bot buddy at the scrap shop to buy some of the 40 special upgrades to add exciting properties to each blueprint card to get an edge in the war against 25 different rival machine types. Push decks in crazy directions by choosing from more than 100 different strategy-altering blueprints and 90 distinct units. Utilise combos like the nano-darkness of robo-necromancy to swarm your foes or set the maps ablaze with fiery chain reactions consuming forests and opposition alike.

Select a route during every run in true rogue like fashion to make a deadly visit with the mysterious master ruling over these automatons. Rogue Command mashes together three beloved genres to deliver gameplay that feels immediately familiar to fans of classic RTS games while the blend of rogue like deck-building makes it feel right at home in the current gaming landscape.

"We have sincerely missed the spirit of playing fun skirmish matches in the RTS games from our childhood," said Mario, game designer of Feneq. “That is why we are making Rogue Command our first game. We believe that by combining the RTS, deck builder, and rogue like genres we can bring that old school RTS fun into the modern day for anyone to enjoy,” added Martin whose code makes everything work under the hood.

Rogue Command will be available on PC via Steam Early Access for $29.99 late 2022 with English, German, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Italian language support. The Xbox Series X|S and Mac versions will arrive at a later date.

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