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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Undungeon Repair the multiverse action RPG Rip the world apart to build a herald that can save it

Undungeon offers PC and Xbox players a vivid, fast-paced action-RPG with elements of frantic rogue lite gameplay as players control a god-like creature in fast-paced dynamic combat, ridding the broken world of the encroaching monsters, and using them to build your Herald into the ultimate weapon.

In Undungeon, players step into the role of a 'Herald', tasked set foot upon a post-apocalyptic earth and undo an inter dimensional cataclysm. The membrane between dimensions tore, and seven versions of earth merged into one. Billions of lives were lost in an instant, those that survived called this event 'The Shift'. Players must shoot, claw, and smash through hordes of monsters, searching among the ruins for ways to build the power of their Herald so that they might one day undo the shift, restoring the earth to its respective dimensions.

Death is not a concept that can keep a Herald down for long. Each venture across the warped earth brings new knowledge, experiences and abilities that will ultimately aid the Herald in their mission. Players will be able to carry over their cosmic mission between attempts with a combination of ingrained abilities and permanent earned upgrades from the times destiny turned its back on the Heralds. [Continues below]

Across the broken worlds of Undungeon, death is never the end. In order to rebuild the world, you'll need to first tear it apart.

"Developing Undungeon was a challenging, yet fascinating process. We hope that we were able to create a game that can pleasantly surprise players with its universe, story, and mechanics. We put a lot of effort into each mechanic and tried as much as we could to reveal the potential of the idea.

We hope that all those who play Undungeon will be able to get away from the daily hustle for a while and immerse themselves in an unusual, bizarre, and intriguing world of the multiverse, heralds, gods, and galactic cataclysm, in order to create and choose the fate of the new multiverse." said Vlad Maxim, Lead Game Designer at Laughing Machines.

Undungeon will be released on November 18th 2021 on PC via Steam and, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for $19.99.