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Friday, January 29, 2021

Smighties Universe collectibles available now - Games coming soon

Each Smighty hero has its own personality and powers, with exciting opportunities to buy, sell and then use in upcoming games.

For the first time, fans can now collect digital versions of their favourite Smighties cartoon characters, in the form of new Smighties Universe collectibles. Mighty and small, own them all.

Smighties Universe is a new blockchain-fuelled experience that follows the Smighties - the smallest and mightiest heroes in the universe – as they make the long journey to Earth, and reveals more details about their important place in our own history.The pods have landed! Smighties Pods are available to buy today on the Smighties Universe website at Each Pod contains an exciting, surprise variety of Smighties, as well as special Hotel Floors in which the Smighties will live.

There are 136 unique Smighties to collect, each with different personality, powers, strengths and weaknesses, categorised by their elements of earth, water, light, air and magic, and by their rarity. There are Normal, Rare, Extraordinary, Legendary and Epic Smighties.

Users can also build up their own Smighty Hotel with more than thirty colourfully designed floors in which to house their collection of Smighties.

And there’s more! Smighties Universe will continue to develop, with plans to launch a marketplace for buying and selling your collection of Smighties and Hotel floors, as well as games in which to use the Smighties.

Each Smighty character in the Smighties Universe is tokenised into a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), which means it is secured and protected on the blockchain, providing documented ownership indefinitely - Smighties are 100% owned by the players.

Moreover, Smighties Universe digital collectibles are one-of-a-kind and cannot be copied, which makes them scarce and potentially quite valuable.

Because the Smighties have global appeal, the Smighties Universe experience will be localized into many languages in the next few weeks, including: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German and Russian.

Smighties is a character-driven, multi-platform entertainment brand with global appeal - the Smighties show is seen across over 40 digital and broadcast channels around the world.

Characters were introduced into a series of 3 successful mobile games (2m combined downloads), and most recently, stars of an Animated Series.

Smighties Universe is developed and published by Reality Gaming Group in partnership with New York-based entertainment company Herotainment.

Jake Scott, Head of Community at Reality Gaming Group, said: “Smighties Universe offers fans the chance to own a unique piece of Smighties history, quite literally. Digital collectibles offer a new and exciting way for people to interact with their favourite Smighties characters and we can’t wait to see how the Smighties Universe evolves as players collect, trade and play.”

Wade Teman, Co-Founder of Herotainment, said: “What makes Smighties Universe different from other blockchain collectibles is that we are bringing a compelling backstory to the characters to engage and entertain our community. As our world becomes more digital, turning Smighties into one-of-a-kind NFTs puts direct ownership of the Smighties brand into the hands of collectors everywhere.”

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