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Monday, December 28, 2020

Steve Aoki & Yellow Claw Release a New Collaboration title as Arknights Anniversary Theme Soundtrack

The year of 2020 has been a massive feast for all strategic RPG mobile and EDM fans, as Arknights global partnered with world-renowned DJs and has released four exclusive collaboration soundtracks. 

In the recent First Anniversary live stream, Arknights global server has revealed a new teaser of its 5th collaboration soundtrack – “End Like This ft. RUNN”, produced by two-time Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer Steve Aoki and acclaimed Dutch DJ Duo Yellow Claw.

Download the game for free:
Listen to “End Like This ft. RUNN” now: After the success of “After It All” and “Last of Me ft. RUNN”, this time Aoki teams up with Yellow Claw and works together on the grand finale of Arkinights 2020 music campaign and the commemoration of Arknights First Anniversary. Similar to “Last of Me ft. RUNN”, this new soundtrack is the theme song of Arknights new main storyline, Episode 7 “The Birth of Tragedy”, where Rhodes Island will directly face the Sarkaz warriors as well as their leader Patriot, and stop nomadic city Chernobog from colliding with Lungmen in next 32 hours.

During the live stream, both Aoki and Nils from Yellow Claw sent their greetings to Arknights players, sharing their memories about Arknights as players themselves and their inspirations on the collaboration songs. “I am proud of ‘Last of Me’,” Aoki shared, “And to come, the new one (‘End Like This’), you will get the same feeling, but this is the next progression of the Arknights x Steve Aoki production.”

Check out the music teaser now:

End Like This ft RUNN also fit perfectly to the Arknights new episode plots. Meanwhile, a music teaser was also revealed during the live stream, allowing players to take a sneak peek at the significant battle with Patriot in Episode 7. Along with the story-telling soundtrack and RUNN’s ethereal voice, players would experience the different characters’ feelings and struggles within the climax of this battle.

On top of that, Arknights x Dim Mak collaboration skateboard deck design has been showcased as well. More collaboration merch information will be on the way and will be unveiled in the future.

Arknights Theme Song Playlist Link:

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