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Thursday, December 17, 2020

I am Jesus Christ Game on Kickstarter nativity trailer PC

The hotly anticipated PC simulation of the life of Christ delivers a brand new trailer for Christmas. Fans can sign up right now to be notified when the Kickstarter goes live.

PC title I Am Jesus Christ, will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in early 2021. Since its announcement last Christmas, the interactive first-person game has garnered massive attention for its realistic depiction of the incredible life of Christ. To celebrate this Christmas season, there’s a brand new trailer depicting the nativity, just one of the many key moments from Christ’s life that will be included in the game’s final release. Those interested in supporting the project can sign up to receive notifications for when the Kickstarter page goes live. Ambitious in scope and accurate in its level of detail, I am Jesus Christ will give players the chance to interact with a cast of over 60 Biblical characters and perform over 30 miracles including feeding the masses and resurrecting the dead. The game takes place in a highly detailed, beautifully crafted faithful recreation of the Holy Land including the City of Jerusalem and the Galilee region where Christ spent so much time spreading the gospel’s message and performing miracles.

Developer SimulaM is designing I Am Jesus Christ to be based on the New International Version of The Bible, retelling the incredible events of Jesus’s life, from his birth and adulthood through to the crucifixion and resurrection. Intending to offer players a new way of experiencing the word of God, I Am Jesus Christ takes traditional game mechanics such as quests, abilities and traversing an open-world while combining them with the New Testament narrative that’s instantly familiar to billions.

The Kickstarter page will go live in early February, giving supporters a chance to back the continued development of I Am Jesus Christ. Before then, players will be able to go to the Kickstarter page to sign up for notifications or visit the Steam store page to wish list the game. Players can also follow the official Facebook and YouTube accounts to keep up to date with the campaign, the latest news and release information. More information on stretch goals and rewards will follow as the campaign gears up for its 2021 launch.

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