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Friday, October 30, 2020

Farmer's Life - extraordinary-farming simulator on Kickstarter

Morning! Your day starts at sunrise. After all, you have a job to do… or another surprise keg party with the neighbours.

A good farmer starts the day by dealing with the flock. The better you will manage, the better results you will achieve. Better care means a greater yield, more meat and extra eggs. Sell the fruits of your labor and you will be able to buy new barn equipment or distillation apparatus. Afterward, it’s time to work in the field. Weed, fertilise and irrigate. Rough field, freakish weather or uninvited guests can trouble you in achieving your goal. It depends on you, how you will face them. After a busy day, you deserve something special, don’t you? Neighbours will love to go for a shot. Be careful though, as they can become another trouble, you will have to manage. In Farmer’s Life you will have to learn how to compromise and make decisions, which will affect your fate. It’s time to start farming!


Farmer’s Life is a first simulator that will show you real, sometimes dark life on the farm. You will run Kazimir’s life - a bachelor and alcoholic. Help him to become an exemplary farmer, start a family, take care of the farm or watch him going down. Besides that, don’t forget that living on the farm follows its own rules. Your rhythm of day and night and of work are determined by a lot of factors - such as weather conditions, seasons and resources, you manage.
Saw your land, take care of the swine and protect the farm against unwelcome visitors. Learn from your mistakes and control the progress, because every day on the farm can be your last day.

  • Mess with the gameplay - It’s up to you how you will lead Kazimir’s life. Will he become a model farmer or another drunkard?
  • Take care of the farm - Farm and develop your homestead. There is always something to do on the farm.
  • Explore the world - Outside the farm is where the danger lies, but also fun. Go ahead!
  • Learn about the countryside - Mapping of the stereotypical countryside will impress every city guy and show how unpredictable can be living on the farm.

Title: Farmer’s Life
Developer: Freemind Games
Publisher: PlayWay S.A.
Platform: PC
Genre: Simulator, Management, Survival
Setting: Realistic
Game modes: Single player
Language versions: English, Polish, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Turkish
Official website:

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