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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

New O’dyllita Region to Arrive in Black Desert SEA

The new region O’dyllita is coming to the world of Black Desert SEA. Starting October 7, Adventurers will be able to explore this new region and discover various exciting in-game opportunities.

O’dyllita is a land of darkness that holds ancient secrets and a rich history. Banished from Kamasylvia for burning Kamasylve, the Ahibs ventured to an infertile land where they discovered the ruins of an ancient kingdom.Adventurers can unveil the secrets of O’dyllita by completing the new questline and knowledge. They can also enjoy the new weapons and gear that will be introduced, such as the BlackStar Helmet. Those who wish to experience the upcoming region sooner, can start listening to its orchestral soundtrack preview now on the official Facebook page.

In addition, Adventurers can now purchase Supreme Old Moon Scrolls from the Pearl Shop until October 6. These will grant Adventurers with an Item Drop Rate +50% buff with a 60 minute duration and cooldown. Various special items such as a High-Quality Draught Box and a Golden Seal of Panto will also be given for every 30 minutes of gameplay until October 14.

The October festivities will also begin in the world of Black Desert. Throughout October, special rewards from Blessed Message Scrolls to Premium Outfit Boxes will be provided based on the amount of Pearls Adventurers use.

Black Desert is Pearl Abyss' open-world action MMORPG with cutting-edge visuals and skill-based combat that redefines the genre. With the most developed character customization system of any game currently on the market, users can break out of the norm and make unique characters that truly represent themselves. Its intuitive controls, beautifully designed world, and extensive lore will excite both newcomers and veterans of MMO games and action RPGs.

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