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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Puzzle/Shooter hybrid Hero Syndrome on Kickstarter this March 17th

Big Rook Games seeks $80,000 to bring the game to PC, Xbox One & PS4.

Hero Syndrome, an intense third-person shooter/puzzle hybrid. Going live on Tuesday, March 17th at 9 a.m. EST, lead developer Jake Jameson seeks to raise 80,000 USD to bring the game to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in late 2020. If stretch goals are met, additional multiplayer maps, modes and graphical upgrades are on the cards.

Hero Syndrome is a true passion project for Jameson. “I’d always dreamt about focusing on game development full time. 2 years of Hero Syndrome development later and the excitement is still there. I know that this formula works, and am excited to start sharing it with others.”

Hero Syndrome will be split into two halves, both centred around an intuitive but powerful construction mechanic. Players will be building walkways, fortifications and puzzle pieces under fire, both in the solo campaign and in a variety of online death match modes for up to eight players. A closed multiplayer alpha is planned for 3-4 months after the Kickstarter, with a backer beta shortly afterwards.

Alongside the Kickstarter, Big Rook Games have released a pre-alpha prototype demo for Hero Syndrome, letting players get a taste of its single-player story mode across three levels, dense with narrative and combat alike. Players will control a combat AI-in-training through a series of virtual test chambers, preparing it for a mission to liberate a Martian colony overrun by murderous mining drones. Download the demo here.

About Hero Syndrome
  • Third-person construction combat on a personal scale. Flex your mind and reflexes in focused death match arenas and claustrophobic test chambers packed with hazards.
  • Two experiences in one. Frantic construction combat for up to eight players online and a puzzle-centric single-player story.
  • A finely tuned construction interface makes building as easy as pointing and shooting your gun. React to threats instantly with practical defenses.
  • Master rocket jumping through the air, the best way to get around since the original Quake.
  • A compelling and classical sci-fi story penned by Evan Skolnick (Star Wars 1313, Days Gone, Mafia 3) and voiced by a professional cast of actors.
Hero Syndrome launches onto Kickstarter on Tuesday, March 17th, 9 a.m. EST.

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