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Friday, January 03, 2020

MSI to showcase world's first 1000R Curved Gaming monitor at CES 2020

MSI, world’s leading manufacturer of gaming hardware announce the 1000R curvature panel was recently announced in Nov, and this month MSI followed suit by publishing the world’s first 1000R Curved Gaming monitor – Optix MAG342CQR. This further demonstrates MSI's strong confidence and dedicated investment in Curved Gaming monitors.

According to the latest data from IDC, a globally reputable research firm, MSI Curved Gaming monitor has achieved a breakthrough in many countries and major markets. Additionally, WitsView points out that the curved monitor contributes 60% in the gaming monitor market. The result shows the successful cooperation of curved gaming monitor between MSI and Samsung, and will further increase the demand of curved gaming monitors in the gaming monitor market.

In May 2019, MSI won the title of the fatest growing company within the gaming monitor industry according to WitsView. IDC also indicated that the market of gaming monitor maintains a high-growth momentum with its statistics. Always improving, MSI will keep on challenging itself in the design of its gaming monitor.

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