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Monday, January 20, 2020

Lucid Adventure Mobile RPG with unique universe

  • SuperPlanet’s new action RPG has started Pre-Registration worldwide
  • Mobile gamers are looking forward to experiencing high-quality illustrations.

‘Lucid Adventure’, a new mobile game developed by SuperPlanet (Mobile Game Developer) has started its pre-registration today. Pre-registration is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and it will be launched at over 150 countries worldwide.

‘Lucid Adventure’ is an action RPG based on a popular web comic IP called ‘Hardcore Leveling Warrior’ currently available on ‘WEBTOON’, and its incredible story and universe can be strategically playable with super-deformed characters.

‘Lucid Adventure’ presents unique universe and game system that players are already looking forward to playing. The plot of a story starts where ‘Hardcore Leveling Warrior’ gets brought down from Rank#1 of ‘Lucid Adventure’ and became a novice by mysterious ambush. The major game system is to form up a party with 4 heroes then fight against the encountered monsters, complete the story quests, craft equipment and become one of the top rankers.

Characteristics of game

  • Incredible Game World, Lucid Adventure
  • Experience various quests and unique storylines available throughout each specific area of ‘Lucid Adventure’. Furthermore, there is a randomly appearing quest system called ‘Nightmare Ambush’ which gives extra rewards by completing it.
  • Variety of Charming Characters
  • Each character out 70, has its perks (attacker, defender, supporter) and uses different types of weapons-related to its profession. Additionally, A+ Grade Heroes can be awakened beyond SS Grade which changes their outlook and upgrades their abilities.
  • Tip. Each character has one of 3 elements that are Combat(Red), Bless(Yellow) and Destiny(Blue). Combat is strong against Bless, Bless is strong against Destiny and Destiny is strong against Combat; so it is important to consider about the party formation.

Quickly Level Up with Multiple Contents!

  • Craft the strongest equipment with materials acquired from the ‘Material Dungeon’
  • Get special rewards from the bosses guarding each floor of the endless ‘Sky Garden’
  • Fight against Hero’s soul, collect their ‘Soulstone’ and use it to awaken your Heroes
  • Furthermore, there are still tons of contents including Relics, Supporters, Guild and PvP.

Meanwhile, ‘Lucid Adventure’ will be released worldwide in the upcoming January. There will be an event that gives out load of special presents, which include ‘A+ Grade Tank Hero - Sora’, ‘Uncommon 2-Tier Amulet’, ‘1000 Diamonds’, ‘30k Golds’, ‘3 Superior Enchant Scrolls’, ‘1-Tier Material Box’ and ‘10 Sweep Tickets’, to all new users.

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