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Monday, January 27, 2020

Animal Fury Destination released on iOS and Android

3D action adventure starred by 3 heroic animals.

Animal Fury Destination is a 3D action adventure in which you control a cat, a bear and a monkey who must protect the magical water that sprouts from the sacred highlands from an evil crow sorcerer.

For every unit of Animal Fury Destination, $1 will be donated to the NGO Saving the Amazon. The amount collected will be used to reforest the Amazon and save thousands of animal lives.

“Animal Fury Destination is our most ambitious title so far”, says Jorge Antonio Hernández, CEO at Ignicion Games. “The game has actually been awarded with and nominated for national and international prizes”.

Animal Fury Destination is set in 5 different scenarios plenty of pollution such as plastics, radioactivity, electronic waste and gases, and features more than 15 power-ups.


  • 3D action adventure for iOS and Android.
  • 3 characters to play with: Osun the bear, Kato the cat and Mongo the monkey.
  • 5 different scenarios.
  • More than 15 power-ups.
  • Buy coins and increase your XP.

Animal Fury Destination on iOS and Android for $2.99.

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