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Thursday, May 16, 2019

ZZap! 64 2020 Annual Game - The Lord of Dragonspire on Kickstarter

ZZap! 64 2020 Annual Game - The Lord of Dragonspire.

The Lord of Dragonspire is a brand new Commodore 64 game being developed for our ZZap! 64 Kickstarter campaign. There is a clamshell and cart version of the game - these are ONLY available via the Kickstarter so will be limited numbers and ultimately sought after.

The artwork for the game is stunning and has been created by Trevor Storey.


FUSION 64 - a 52 page magazine devoted to the Commodore 64 - free with the ZZap! 64 Annual once the campaign goal is achieved.

Click here to go to the FUSION magazine website to purchase the current issue and back issues of the magazine in print form and PDF.

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