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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Constructor Plus Available Now on PlayStation 4 and Mac

Uproarious building simulation Coming to PC on 27th May, available to wish list and follow now.

After a successful launch on Nintendo Switch earlier this year, System 3 is pleased to announce that as of today Constructor Plus is available on PlayStation 4 and Mac, with the full PC version set to be available from 27th May via Steam.

The original Constructor was a roaring success and presented players with a unique twist on the RTS format and a wily, no-holds-barred sense of humour.

System 3 is proud to announce the game’s return with a massive sequel that takes everything that fans of the original love and adds a whole lot more gameplay and content.

For everyone that was still a glint in the milkman’s eye in 1997 and might not have caught the iterations since; it’s a construction simulator. But rather than focusing on their own city and it competing purely in size and scale with others, players will be spending more time doing over the competition as a dodgy dealer to gain an advantage, using all the illegal tricks at their disposal.

This includes hiring hippies to populate the houses next door to competitors (hippies party hard and will put on a rave to divert fellow property developers’ attention) or bringing in Mr Fixit, a true shambles of a handyman that will botch every job given to him.

Once players have gone from small-time slumlord, catering to their fussy tenants’ every need, to big-time property developer dealing in casinos and skyscrapers, the journey doesn’t end there. Players can take to the stars and head to another planet too, discovering exactly how dodgy they can be in doing over the Martian competition.

“We’re really proud of Constructor Plus and can’t wait for you to get involved,” said Mark Cale, CEO of System 3. “If you played the original (hello granddad) then now is the perfect time to jump back into the wheeling and dealing of dodgy city life. If you’re a newcomer – let’s be ‘avin ya!”

The game will be available in ten languages, including Russian and Simplified Chinese.

Constructor Plus is stuffed with more to play with than ever before – there are 65 pre-built city scenarios for players to jump into so that they don’t need to start completely from scratch and can have a challenge laid out for them, 17 worlds and new retail units, casinos, skyscrapers, story mission play modes and campaigns.

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