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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Breach - Steam Early Access and Pyromancer class - PC

With the successful launch of Breach into Steam Early Access last week, the mad geniuses at QC Games are not only addressing all stability issues and gameplay bugs but have revealed today their initial content roadmap plans leading up to full version 1.0 launch later this year. Within the next couple months, new enemies, a new Challenge System, a new map, and three new classes will be added to Breach. Additionally, they are revealing that the first of the new classes is the fire-conjuring, battle-scorching power of the Pyromancer!

As the first new hero class coming to Breach, the Pyromancer is an offensive-based wizard from the Arcane school of magic that can conjure fire to attack enemies with incendiary results.

From setting numerous foes on fire and causing them to erupt instantly, to the Inferno Ultimate ability that releases a dragon-like cone of high-damaging fire, players with pyromaniac sensibilities will look forward to the upcoming Pyromancer class in Breach.

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