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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

TERA how to level up faster... PC PS4 XO

TERA - How to Level up faster
In Tera world, there are three ways to level up your characters.

1. Doing story quest step by step

This way can enjoy the game story with level up your character together. The quests divide to Story quest, Zone quest, Alliance quest and daily quest. It’s no need to do all the quests. You can do only story quest by level range and came back to do the other quest later.

- Enjoy with the game story, movie, cutscene.
- You can get reward item (equipment, consumable items, gold) when completed the quests.
- May be confuse and difficult to find quest NPC or monster.
- Not much faster levelling. You have to move to many places.

2. Complete the Dungeons

This is the most popular way to level up faster. You can enter the first dungeon when you are level 20 “Bastion of Lok”. You can party with your friends or use matching system to find the party for dungeon. Sometime when you use auto matching, it may take long time to find. It’s up to level, time of other player in the game as well. You can play the dungeon when your level 20 up to 65.

- Get more Exp
- Level up faster if you have permanently party
- Play the same dungeon many times until reach next dungeon level requirement
- Need at least 3 members in the party

Click “Instant Matching” button in menu bar at the top screen to looking for party.

3. Slay ton of monsters

Tera has several monsters in each map and some monsters are in the group. You can do solo or party with your friend. Let find the map which has group of monsters and locate not too far. Tanker can run toward and drag those monster groups and party members slay all the monsters. Group monsters will re-birth fast and at the same point.
You can level up with your friends continuously. Except ton of EXP, you may get gold, items from monster drop or special reward from Vanguard request.

- Suitable for player who love shooting monster with AOE skill
- Can get ton of EXP and also get token from Vanguard request
- It’s quite boring to do repeatedly
- If user’s level is more than monster, got less EXP

Token is the reward when you finished Vanguard request. You can right click at the item and exchange with equipment.

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