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Friday, October 12, 2018

Summoners War: in Seoul for World 2018 Arena Championship - 11 language links for live streaming

Follow the course of the French Chene and seven other participants through live broadcasts in 11 languages

The time has come for the Summoners War 2018 World Arena Championship to deliver its verdict. Com2uS is hosting this weekend the best players from around the world, qualified in epic regional tournaments in recent weeks, for the grand finale of the SWC 2018. This great moment of eSport will take place on October 13 at the OGN eStadium of Seoul, South Korea.

The Dutchman DGP and the Frenchman Chene will have the difficult task of representing Europe at this large-scale global event, where the best American and Asian players will bravely defend their chances. The eight competitors will fight hard for the world crown, but also for the 50,000 dollars put into play by Com2uS for this final.

The SWC 2018 will be broadcast live on the official eSports channels of Com2Us, in twelve different languages. Discover all the links below.

The broadcast will begin at 5 am The quarter-finals will be played in the best of three rounds, while the semi-finals and the final will be played to the best of five. The draw for the quarter-finals was made at the end of the European Cup, and fans will be delighted to attend these high-flying posters:

DGP vs. Beat.D
vs. Matsu Freedom
Tiger.D vs. Oak

Links for live streaming:

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