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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Retro Synehesis Cyberpunk adventure game info & trailer

Retro Synthesis is a tech-noir narrative game about being torn apart between obligations and conscience. After suffering a tragedy, Harrison Noels, an experienced police detective, is forced to get over his hardships and take another case.

The investigation leads him to the worst corners of New Venice – a retro-future, dystopian metropolis built above the surface of the sea.


  • Deep and mature story – During the investigation, main character will learn more about himself and will reveal his past. The case is also more complex than anyone thought.
  • Recognizable art style – Our game reminds 80s cyberpunk classic manga and american comics. You can find many inspiration in Retro Synthesis’ art style, but you need to admire it is still unique.
  • Mood based dialogue system – Dialogue system, where player choose his attitude towards disputant instead of text lines.
  • Retro-future, dystopian lore – Explore different places to discover New Venice’s secrets, feel its atmosphere, talk to other citizens. Not only you will affect the world, but the world will affect you as well.
  • Immersive puzzles – Puzzles that are part of the story and bring players best game experience.

Title: Retro Synthesis
Genre: First Person Experience
Platforms: PC Steam
Release date: End 2020
Developer: Black Nest Games

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