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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Memories of Mars announces 3rd Season early access new map Ice on Mars

A new map extension on Memories of Mars offers an additional setting for players to explore new facilities and points of interest, scavenging for resources to survive. Players will be able to discover hints on the events that lead to the abandonment of the Martian mining operations but will also face a new threat: Air drones. Always on watch, these top-security enforcers will lock their spotlight over any player entering their surveillance areas and will unleash their full power over them.

Thankfully, there are new additions to the player’s arsenal, as a fully customizable new DW-20 RIPPER submachine gun is available to 3D print. But this is not the only addition to player’s equipment. Following community requests, built in Headlights have been implemented to improve visibility on the darkest Martian nights. Also, alternate armour configurations are now available to offer advantages in weight management.

Other popular request of our clone community included additions to the base-building catalogue, which is why we are introducing Gate doors and Billboard displays. All new items will have associated skills implemented on the skill tree.

A new tab in your inventory will display “Emergency Protocols” from “Mother”, the ever-present AI running the system, small mini-quests with rewards that will help players get valuable resources while discovering new and hidden locations.

And lastly, “Mother” needs as many new clones as possible to test the new enhancements on the system!

MoM kickstarted its Season 3 on Steam on September 25th with a new SRP of £15.49 and a 50% discount on top!

Memories of Mars is a multiplayer survival game set on Mars that tasks players with surviving the harsh and unforgiving landscape of the Red Planet while building a habitable homestead and competing against other players and enemy NPCs for resources and opportunities.

Players can team up to explore, gather resources and build defense bases or go rogue and explore numerous locations including abandoned terraforming towers, mining sites, caves, canyons, meteor impact sites and more. Seasons will also serve to make the map feel new, with familiar places rearranged in new locations, exciting points of interest never-before-seen, added blueprints for creating different weapons and modules, novel enemies, updated events and more.

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