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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Door Kickers: Action Squad Retro-inspired, high-octane, side scrolling action game

Retro-inspired, high-octane, side scrolling action game Door Kickers: Action Squad has left Steam Early Access and has launched commercially on the platform today. Door Kickers: Action Squad is an over the top, old school action side scroller complete with co-op multiplayer. As part of a SWAT team, players must infiltrate buildings, breach doors and eliminate the bad guys as part of their justice serving mission.

Featuring retro graphics and design sensibilities, the game takes the familiar side scrolling-action genre and infuses it with a layer of tactical puzzlery that has no set solution and allows seat of the pants improvisation and out of the box thinking.

The full commercial launch comes with a brand new update to the game, drastically increasing its scope and giving players even more tools to play with as they come up with ever more intricate tactics to take on their mission and finish it in record time.

The full release of Door Kickers: Action Squad also includes a brand new chapter pitting the player against a dastardly drug cartels, containing 12 levels and 4 new enemies, RPG-style character progression, a new passive perk system, 3 crazy boss enemy styles, even more weapons, a full stats rebalance for player characters and enemies, 60 total levels and online leaderboards. Let’s just say things are gonna get messy.

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