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Thursday, August 02, 2018

Craps! dice game enjoyed in world casinos the first 3D multiplayer game on iOS Android

Craps! Based on the immensely popular dice game enjoyed in casinos around the world, KamaGames’ Craps is the first 3D multiplayer game of its kind launched on the App Store and Google Play.

Like many classic games, it takes just moments to learn but becomes richer and deeper the more you play. Choose from a range of betting styles, roll the dice and weigh up which odds and bets suit you the most.

Andrey Kuznetsov, CEO of KamaGames, said: “This is another step closer to our goal of having the most comprehensive portfolio of social casino games on mobile platforms”. “We’ve developed Craps with the most realistic 3D graphics and physics available for any mobile app game. Our hard work has paid off, and we’re especially proud of Craps’ ‘throw the dice’ graphics.”

“Like all of the games in our portfolio, Craps is a real social experience, and we encourage our players to interact via chat, animated emojis, gifts and even transfers of dice throws. Our goal was to recreate a genuine casino experience and I believe we’ve achieved that. Craps is one of the most popular casino games in US, which makes it a priority for us since it is one of our key markets.”

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