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Monday, August 27, 2018

BlackShot FPS Southeast Asia Massive Content Update - Free to play

The update unleashes an onslaught of weapons, maps and modes!

With the new release of BlackShot on Steam, Vertigo Games has kickstarted the next stage in the evolution of its flagship Online First-Person Shooter with Overdrive, a massive content update that will add 22 weapons, 10 maps, 2 game modes and 4 premium packages.

Players can now unleash ultimate firepower with BlackShot classics such as the MDR, M1A SOCOM, G36, and the legendary MSR. These weapons have been retextured, rebalanced, and reintroduced to join their fellow firearms in the game.
The Overdrive update includes 10 fan-favorite maps, which include Junk Yard II, Normandie II, Cargo Ship, Savage Ground, Secret Base and Lab. Two game modes, Ultra Rapid Fire and Free For All, make their triumphant return, allowing for more choices for players to go gun-crazy in.

Additionally, players can augment their arsenal with all-new premium packages in the shop. These packages contain a unique firearm available only in that package, including the G36 Neo Striker, KSG Legion, AWP Harimau and P90 Legion.

BlackShot’s Overdrive update comes on the heels of Revolution, a major game overhaul that rebalanced all in-game weapons and currency system, along with visual and UI upgrades. Players looking to keep up with the most current updates on BlackShot can follow the official website and Facebook page.

BlackShot is a free-to-play online First-Person Shooter for WIndows operating systems. It is accessed via game client and requires an Internet connection to play.

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