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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Explore The Multiple Personality Disorder Of A Teenager In Distress In ‘Who Am I: The Tale Of Dorothy’ On STEAM

Announcing the STEAM release of Who Am I: The Tale of Dorothy, a compelling interactive story-game, in which you must aid a teenager in distress by unravelling her inner most nightmares, secrets and dreams.

Who Am I: The Tale of Dorothy features Dorothy Watson, a young 14-year old teenager in middle-school. She appears to be a normal functioning child but in reality, she is hurting and endures a psychological pain she does not deserve. Dorothy experienced trauma in her childhood, and it has left her scarred; she suffers from dissociative identity disorder, commonly known as multiple personality disorder, which split her into several personalities. Unless you help her out, she might never adjust to her new life and will be a tormented soul forever.

Who Am I: The Tale of Dorothy is a beautiful interactive story-game where your task is to play her counsellor talking to each of Dorothy’s personalities while she sleeps. In this dream space, you can use your skills to integrate the split personalities to heal her mind. But each is very sensitive to your questions and the answers might surprise you, and in worst case you might drive a wedge between Dorothy and the other personalities, doing more damage than good. As the game plays out you ask a wide variety of questions and are given answers that bring tears of joy and sadness, depending on which personality you are confronting. Do you have what it takes to save Dorothy?


  • Become Dorothy’s counsellor!
  • Unique storyline for each play session
  • 6 surprising endings
  • More than 300 questions and answers
  • Your decisions directly impact personalities and future events
  • Stress / Integrity level will help you figure out how to handle each personality
  • Wonderful graphics and dreamscape music
  • Beautifully illustrated cards for each ending and a built-in archive

Who Am I: The Tale of Dorothy is available from here

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