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Friday, May 04, 2018

Dystopian future visions of Glasgow and cutting-edge HoloLens technology at Abertay Digital Graduate Show

More than 100 graduates from Abertay University’s School of Design and Informatics will showcase a wide range of work from May 11-15, including games, virtual reality (VR) experiences, sound design projects, animation, 3D modelling, concept art and illustration.

Held at Abertay’s Student Centre in Dundee, the five-day festival comes after the University was named best for computer games education in Europe for a fourth consecutive year by the prestigious Princeton Review.

In addition to screen displays and stands, there will be guided tours and talks for members of the public, a VIP reception, a playable digital treasure trail and a virtual show experience.

Show curator Clare Brennan said the quality of work from this year’s ADGS exhibitors has been outstanding.

She added: “The Abertay Digital Graduate Show seems to get better every year and I love how the work produced by our students develops alongside the technology that’s available to them.

“Although Abertay is known the world over for excellence computer games education, this show is about so much more than that – you simply won’t find a broader depth and diversity of digital work on display anywhere else.”

Lewis Cooper - Glasgow Art
BA (Hons) Computer Arts student Lewis Cooper, 21, from Ayrshire will display his take on how Glasgow landmarks such as the SSE Hydro, Kelvingrove Museum, Kingston Bridge and Queen Street Station could look in the distant future.

He said: “In the movies it’s always US cities or cities like Japan that are used for visions of the future, so I wanted to see what Glasgow would look like and what would make it remain Glaswegian.

“It’s an interesting concept to imagine existing buildings like the Hydro becoming huge, or the city growing to swallow up its historic monuments.

“I love Glasgow and I had never really visited the east coast before coming to study here, but when I found out Abertay is the video game hub of Scotland I had to come to Dundee.”

Lindsay Duthie, 23, from Kirriemuir, who is studying BA (Hons) Computer Arts said: “I’m looking at the movement of Disney 3D animations and exploring different female character performances, analysing whether the animator based the character on social stereotypes.

“If you look at older Disney films they are based on the idea that women should be graceful and very feminine.

“Now that the societal view of what is considered feminine has changed, the characters are becoming more appealing to women by being more personality driven.”

Last year Lindsay had a mentorship placement with Disney Research, focusing on creature animation.

She said: “Disney is one of the companies I’ve always wanted to work for – that’s the dream.

“Abertay has given me lots of opportunities that I don’t think I would have gotten elsewhere, like getting to do industry projects and work with professional whist at Uni – it’s been a really good experience.”

Harry Good with HoloLens
BA (Hons) Game Design and Production Management student Harry Good has produced an augmented reality (AR) game for the HoloLens which saw him make the final of the Microsoft Imagine Cup UK earlier this year.

The 21-year-old from Cornwall comes from a farming background, but a strong passion for games since his childhood years is what drove him into the industry.

He said: “I just find working in AR and VR so interesting and cool, because it is totally immersive and makes you feel part of the experience.

“The first two years at Abertay were perfect for meeting people, networking and socialising and these last two have given me the chance to get in a lot of heavy development – so it’s been great for learning.

“I’ve enjoyed making games on my own and as part of a group of people, which requires coping with a management structure and having to talk through ideas.”

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