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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Gaydorado game bulges with Valentine’s Day content - gay friendly mobile social RPG on iOS Android

Pucker up, the romance is well and truly alive for the Gaydorado Valentine’s event! The gay-friendly mobile social-RPG, which is now available to download from the App Store and Google Play, kicks off the international day of romance with a host of new features to stoke the flames of love (and lust) on the 14th February.

Spreads the love with the introduction of a marriage system; after dating the right man players can now marry their one true love and build a family, as well as experience the joys of the new intimacy system.

The lusty fun doesn’t stop there; character wardrobes are now expanding with themed costumes that will drive the imagination wild and there is also the opportunity to experience steamy V-Day- challenges as well as celebrate Chinese New Year! The game will continuously be updated with seasonal events which in the past has included outrageous costume releases around Halloween, Thanksgiving, World AIDS Day and Christmas.

Gaydorado features sixteen different types of character that play through a number of diverse storylines that are aimed at the gay community, from the romantic and dazzling to thrilling action-packed plots. The bustling metropolis of Gaydorado also allows players to contact each other around the globe in public or private chat rooms.

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