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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Guillermo del Toro big Zelda fan? Links with The Shape of Water and Zelda games Zora

Have you notice the similarity between Gillman in The Shape of Water and the Zora people in The Legend of Zelda games?

Here's a look at them side by side. Is director Guillermo del Toro a big Zelda fan? He names one of the main characters, the cleaner Octavia Spencer - Zelda Fuller.

Gillman v Zora from Zelda
Guillermo del Toro was born in 1964 so there's a good chance he played Zelda games during his life (haven't we all?)

It has been noted that his movie and comic book collection is so huge that he had to buy an extra home to accommodate it.

Has extensive knowledge and practical experience playing video-games, and is very good friends with Japanese video-game designer/director Hideo Kojima, with whom he shares many interests, including 1960s classic movies and Japanese TV shows, and rare toys.

Source IMBD

So we know he likes video games.

If anyone can ask him I'd love to know.

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