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Friday, January 26, 2018

Endless Space 2 - Vaulters DLC Launch and Endless Day Promotion - PC discount

They say good things come to those who wait… Well the waiting is over and the good things are here! A new Expansion means a whole new way to play your *favorite* grand strategy title Endless Space 2.

And if we’ve chosen these badass exiled space Vikings as the heroes of first expansion, it’s not by chance. This beloved faction is a player favorite, and has been featured in every game of the Endless franchise!

A civilization of nomads, wandering for centuries among the stars. Always in search of their promised land: a new planet to call home. Will you be the one to help them at last?

The Endless Space 2 Expansion will feature the Vaulters and all the perks that come with them, including the ability to teleport (though you can’t use it to get you to the office in the morning, sorry…), new technologies, buildings, ships like the legacy super colonizer ship featured in the Prologue video, a whole new faction quest, an additional hero Opbot (another franchise star!), the Sisters of Mercy minor civilization, pirate diplomacy and more…

The full list of contents is available on Steam, where the Vaulters expansion can be picked up starting at a price of $10.99/£8.99/€10,99. The promised land awaits!

This week deep, deep discounts on all Amplitude games!

It’s our ENDLESS DAY (aka our 7th birthday!) And we’ve decided to celebrate by giving YOU a gift. Starting today until Thursday 1st, February, we will be running a promotion on Steam for the all the games in the Endless Universe. So be the hero your friends are waiting for and get copies to go around!

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