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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Railway Empire, on PC and consoles January 26 closed beta and bonuses already available

Railway Empire invites players to create a vast and complex railway network covered by more than 40 different trains modeled to the smallest detail.

Buying or building stations, maintenance warehouses, factories or tourist attractions will help maintain the competitive edge, as will the commitment of the right staff and manager. With more than 300 technologies (mechanical, trains, infrastructure, various facilities ...) divided into five eras of different innovations, research and development is also not to neglect to make its empire prosper.

However, we can not focus on research and construction to triumph. The competition never sleeps, and keeping his company on track will not be easy against the three opposing corporations. Some attacks, a little sabotage or industrial espionage may be able to give the small advantage that will make the difference in the long run, because business is the business.

Railway Empire is:
  • Seize opportunities and build the American dream in a long and exciting campaign, progressing step by step across the country
  • Lead the railroad company to success by building an extensive and intelligently designed rail network optimized for both passenger and freight transport
  • Succeed in various challenges and objectives following a battery of scenarios, or simply build the network of your dreams without any financial constraint
  • Obtain more than 40 historic locomotives and more than 30 different cars, and use them according to their advantages and disadvantages
  • Invest to develop more than 300 technologies, over five different eras, to maximize the potential of its network
  • Compete with three other companies, sabotage their progress with bandits and other spies

Railway Empire will be released on January 26 on PC, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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