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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Epic Tavern's Harvest Update fantasy RPG - run your own pub - PC

Epic Tavern, fantasy RPG tavern simulator update adds more autumn-themed and spirituous quests than ever before it's now available for preview via Steam Early Access!

Become the Tavern master of a renowned pub; manage legendary heroes and befriend strangers as they embark on perilous quests under your guidance, and upon return, dole out the spoils over heady pints and fillings foods.

Now available with the Harvest Update, Tavernmasters can send heroes to join the infamous pirate Tzarina Darkmane in The Dark Rift, or investigate the murder of Raven Stormswept in No Rest for the Wicked, all the while enjoying enhanced character management tools.

With a frothy pour of fantasy role-playing cask-aged with roster management and served up in an epic stein of dynamic storytelling, Epic Tavern promises taverneers a new experience every time.

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