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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Spelunker Party released on PC and Switch

Adventure Solo or With Friends in Over 100 Exciting Stages.

One night, Spelunkette woke up with fright to a deafening rumbling sound. She stared out of her window in amazement as the bright streak of light traveled across the dark sky. When the light disappeared beyond the horizon, she heard a faint boom and felt a little shake.

Strange things have been happening to the Earth ever since that collision. According to the Faerie Chief, the cause is located deep down underneath the Earth.

What is at the depths of the Earth?

Brave the journey to the Earth's core with Spelunker Party! Explore the caves to solve the mysteries behind the strange occurrences on the Earth.

Beware! There are many challenges waiting for you in these caves such as trap like pits, rolling boulders, ghosts and bugs. Overcome these challenges by using items such as bombs to destroy the stones, flares to drive away bats, and a portable fan to blow away the ghosts.

As you collect Litho-stones on your expeditions, you will complete and unlock numerous items. The abilities of these items will become handy as you explore. You will power up your items if you equip them on your expeditions.

Your appearance will change by equipping these items, so select costumes that you like and show off your customized character to others!

You can enjoy deeper cave exploration by befriending a pet and using its unique ability. For example, if Snowball becomes your friend, he will dig up Litho-stones hidden inside the caves. Other helpful pets will assist you in their own unique way as well.

Join Spelunkette and her friends as they journey to the Earth's core to solve the mysteries of the fallen star.

Playing solo or alongside up to three extra players in both local and online multiplayer modes, explorers follow the story of Spelunkette and her friends as they navigate mysterious caves, overcome deadly foes and survive perilous obstacles.

In multiplayer mode, players can also work together to access new areas and revive their teammates to survive the dangerous obstacles as a team. Players will make their way through over 100 thrilling stages, discovering Litho-stones along the way to unlock new items and equipment to customise their characters, and to garner the help of faithful pets to aid in their cave exploration.

Players can also try the SPELUNKER PARTY! demo for Nintendo Switch, which is available to download now from the Nintendo eShop.

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