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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Maize a bountiful harvest of absurdist adventure and hearty laughs - PS4 PC XOne

Corn-fueled absurdist first-person puzzler adventure is back and it’s stalked its way onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! To celebrate this exciting scientific achievement, we managed to nab Finish Line Games and Vladdy, one of MAIZE’s colourful cast of characters, for their thoughts on the launch.

Vladdy: You mean hero. Vladdy is game hero.

Finish Line Games: Well, technically the player’s the hero.

Vladdy: Is player star in front of camera? NO. Does player have strong robot arm? NO. Player only walk around. Vladdy. Vladdy does all the talking. Vladdy is hero. Idiots.

Finish Line Games:  Uh… that’s not the definition of first-person. The player’s the one behind the camera. And now they’re moving with a controller. It’s safe to say they’re in control.

Vladdy: Camera is always on Vladdy. But of course Vladdy very charming.

Finish Line Games: (shaking heads) Ignore him. We try to. We couldn’t be more excited to see MAIZE making it’s way onto PlayStation®4 and Xbox One today. The story’s perfectly suited for the couch and-

Vladdy: Yes. This Vladdy’s story. Lazy console gamers on couch will laugh at idiot corn and cheer for Vladdy. They want to be Vladdy, but not even console allow that.

Finish Line Games: (shaking heads, again) We’re proud of the absurdity of the adventure and we worked hard to create authentic sentient corn-

Vladdy: Corn look silly. They are idiots.

Finish Line Games:  As you can see, it’s not exactly easy living with Vladdy. He said it was only temporary--

Vladdy: Vladdy work odd jobs on side to pay for world travels so Vladdy out of hair. Vladdy not even get royalty cheques!

Finish Line Games:  Yeah, maybe we can cut that last part. Probably not the best note to go out on.

MAIZE is available today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $19.99 USD. As a limited time launch offer, PS+ and Xbox Gold Members can take advantage of 25% off their purchase of MAIZE for 2 weeks. MAIZE is also available now on PC through Steam, the Humble Store and GOG.

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