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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Life is Feudal - Chronicle of CBT No4 Official results - PC

This trailer showcases the tumultuous life characters experience as they flee from evil to start a new civilisation and build a lasting legacy in brutal medieval world.

The land has been ravaged by bandits and savages, but by working with those around them, players can band together to overcome their enemies and be victorious. Watch the video now and experience first-hand the harshly realistic and socially focused world that is Life is Feudal: MMO.

While players may start their adventure in Life is Feudal: MMO alone, as they gather and craft supplies needed to make it to the next day, they will quickly meet up with others to form groups, then guilds, and finally work their way up to complete medieval societies and nation-states. Life is Feudal: MMO is a realistic social experience, where the best way to thrive in the world is to work together and build a fully functioning society, where everyone has a place, from the most basic hunters and gatherers, to farmers, soldiers and civic leaders. There's a place for everyone in Life is Feudal: MMO, and a world ready for them to explore!

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