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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Team Racing League multiplayer 3on3 racing on PC 11th August 2017

Once the action begins, be assigned a team, join the fray and show your mettle.. be it 3 against 3, red v blue!

Connect with your teammates’ vehicle to improve their overall speed, and support them with extra boosts. The Co-Driver can also create roadblocks which sabotage your opponents perfect racing line. Torch the blocks of the opposition and their hovercrafts, but be aware: with every ploy or master tactic you undertake, this can always be countered by your rivals. Interacting with your fellow teammates is the key to crossing the finish line first.

With lots of different roles to fulfil in Team Racing League, you can never stop assessing what your team needs the most. Decide to race to the end, support your team mate or troll your opponent. In Team Racing League you can play in the style you want to and be thanked for it.


  • Team-based 3v3 racing
  • Win together, lose together
  • Team up literally by connecting your hovercraft
  • Support your teammates with anchor mode, blocks and roadblock
  • Burn your opponents using flaming hot toasting mechanics
  • Pure, skill-based racing
  • Create your own team and rise to the top of the rankings

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