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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Re:Legend Co-op Monster-Raising RPG Comes to Kickstarter July 26

Washed ashore on the island of Vokka, you have been given a chance at a brand new life. The soil is fertile, the land is teeming with wildlife, and the locals seem friendly enough. Time to get cracking!

Re:Legend launches its Kickstarter campaign Wednesday, July 26. An all-encompassing simulator-RPG hybrid with strong monster raising and multiplayer features, Re:Legend is the co-op adventure developers Magnus Games have been craving long before they began development almost two years ago.

Your first few days in Re:Legend might consist of planting a few crops to subsist on, trading part of your harvest with the villagers, and eventually gaining enough resources to build a comfortable home. But as you go about your business, you will discover what makes Vokka Island unique: the presence of numerous monster-like creatures called Magnus. By taming and befriending wild Magnus like the adorable Momochi and Draconewt, this new world will truly open up to you. From helping you in a wealth of activities to carrying you across the island, loyal Magnus are the key to a prosperous life.

Magnus Games will release Re:Legend on PC (Windows) and intend on supporting PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch if Kickstarter stretch goals are met.

Key Features

  • Magnus taming and raising - All Magnus on Vokka Island are tameable and the way you raise them will determine how they grow
  • Extensive life skills and activities - Farming, fishing, mining, and crafting are just a few of the ways you can fund the development of your village
  • Co-operative local and online multiplayer - Join with up to three friends to speed up your domestic tasks or set out on a journey across the island together with your Magnus
  • Expansion and exploration - Build upgrades for your village and recruit NPCs to further develop Vokka Island
  • Character customisation - A new life calls for a new you!

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