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Sunday, February 05, 2017

PS4 update 4.5 how to add a PS4 external hard drive and save games - up to 8TB

The new PS4 firmware update 4.5 will allow you to add an external hard drive up to 8TB to increase storage.

USB ports on your PS4

Previous to this update you had to swap the internal drive for a larger one to do this.

Firmware update 4.5 will ONLY support USB 3 external hard drives, 1TB drives are cheap as chips but you can go up to 8TB depending on your budget.

How to add an external USB 3 drive to your PS4...
  • Plug in your new external hard drive into one of PS4 USB ports
  • Navigate to Settings > Devices > USB Storage Devices
  • Select your hard drive and choose ‘Format as Extended Storage
  • Your USB drive is now fully compatible with PS4
How to save data onto your external PS4 hard drive...

  • Highlight the new USB 3 hard drive in the settings (USB Storage Devices)
  • Press ‘Options’ on your DualShock 4 controller, select ‘Confirm
  • All data will now be saved to your new PS4 external USB 3 hard drive

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