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Monday, November 14, 2016

What's the new content in Chaos Chronicle - iOS Android

Action Role-playing Game Celebrates 100 Days Since Launch with New Heroes and Rewards.

The “100th Day Celebration” update builds on the epic battles and immersive storyline of Chaos Chronicle with a host of special events and new content. Three new heroes (Agnes, Selfina and Yacheol) and the legendary Ninth Disciple, Sera, join the Chaos Chronicle family, each with their own distinct abilities and visual style. In addition to the new characters, the update also offers players opportunities to participate in three special events to earn several hefty rewards created exclusively for the 100-day landmark, including the celebratory promotional code, 7-Day login and 100-Day Magic Potion events.

During the “100th Day Celebration” update, players will gain:

  • Four New and Powerful Characters: Welcome the stoic and beautifully designed Agnes; the tech-savvy Selfina; Sera the ninth of the Twelve Disciples; and the fiery, sword wielding Yacheol;
  • Celebratory Promotional Code: Enter HAPPY100DAY in the game’s coupon menu to earn amazing rewards, including 100 Rubies, 100K Gold, and a very special Grade 5 Ring with a unique ability exclusively manufactured for the 100th Day celebration event;
  • 7-Day Login Rewards: Login for seven days cumulative during the event to receive 100 Subjugation Tickets, 100 Rubies and up to the 6-Star Hero Contract;
  • 100-Day Magic Potion Rewards: Collect various types of Essence items and then allot 100-Day Magic Potions for a diverse set of rewards, which can be collected in the event page by tapping the EVENT icon.

Chaos Chronicle is available for download now via mobile device from the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android worldwide in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Thai, French, and German languages.

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