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Saturday, September 03, 2016

First-of-its-kind gaming device miniStation for your TV

miniStation – an innovative TV game console based on the Android Operating System – offers hundreds of games from top game studios such as Tencent and Gameloft to consumers via their TVs.

Unlike traditional game consoles, the miniStation can be controlled either by traditional game controllers or by mobile phones. Up to eight devices can access the miniStation at the same time, making it a truly compelling multi-user gaming platform.

The pioneering device was launched in response to the around 170M subscribers Tencent has to its mobile phone games and addresses the need for an improved audio and visual experience in this market. The miniStation also offers OTT service, allowing users to be connected to their TV screens anywhere and at any time, meeting the growing demand for TV Everywhere technology.

The miniStation – which received the BlackGold Award at the ChinaJoy game show last month – will be demoed at IBC 2016 as part of Skyworth Digital’s vision for the digital home of the future. The showcase will highlight how tomorrow’s trends can be integrated and packaged for end-users in the future.

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