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Sunday, June 19, 2016

X Rebirth: Home of Light - Complete Edition

The X-universe shines in new light: Today seems X Rebirth: Home of Light - Complete Edition as commercial version in the box for PC. The X Rebirth complete package includes the main game in version 4.0, the new expansion "Home of Light" and the add-on "The Teladi Outpost".

More areas and enemies, new stations and additional missions in the gigantic extensions now enlarge the X-universe and its story.

  • The vastness of the universe are still larger than before: players bet now course through the new jump gates to three new systems:
  • Home of Light: Famous even after such a long time, a massive economy is open to players.
  • Toride: The universe has never been hostile, but also hid never seen so many treasures to those looking for it's worth it. Treasure hunters will find, however, should always be on guard.
  • Frost rating: There commodities in huge quantities. And to spice up the boring Schürferdasein, there are a couple of dangers and mysteries into the bargain as icing.
  • Warehouse stations: These special storehouse stations can be used to store large quantities of goods. The station will be set up either as a personal trading station or as a pure stockpile.
  • New Game Starts: Equipped with a brand new freighter in the middle of system Home of Light players can play on the markets to your hearts content. For treasure hunters, the game start "extreme research", which also includes an extensively equipped ship and a capable crew, just right.
  • New issues: players throw themselves with new missions in the recently developed systems right into the action and take advantage of the brand new bulletin board in X Rebirth 4.0.
  • Challenging opponents Dere: The scourge of the universe, the Xenon, are stronger than ever and on forays meet Spaceman possibly on an old, almost forgotten enemy.

A fully simulated economy in which every action has consequences. Travel the Space highways to make in the gigantic, populated by ships and drones space cities Profit. Any ship that you meet in space, has a real task. Holding freighters depend on to reach their goal, and their charge is missing at the destination, which makes prices rise!

Supply and demand FIGHT! From small skirmishes to epic naval battles: fighting in the X-universe know no limit. Fights for the military, working for the police, was a lawless pirate or use your fighting force only for self-defense - you decide! Carrying the fighting in the gigantic Station Complex. Attackiere turrets and shield generators, to weaken the defense of your goal. Vandalize the drive or the Jump Drive, to prevent ships from escaping and to cut off supplies to the production.

BUILD! Create your own empire! From trading stations on giant industrial complexes, farms or arms factories: Everything can be yours! Produce goods for trade and profit be generated for the demand for various goods or focusing your business on expanding your war machine to subjugate your enemies with firepower. Upgrade your stations to make them even more efficient work for your goals. Every detail of your conversions will be visible in spectacular detail level.

Use as your resources to make your empire grow. THINK! A comprehensive and fascinating history waiting to be discovered by you in its complex depth. You can decide when and how you actively eingreifst. Discover the universe as you desire - choose your path and create your own destiny. Meet aliens and humans. Landing on the wards and meet people - take their orders and missions or heure them as crew members for your ships and stations. TRADE, FIGHT, BUILD, THINK ... the X universe - the biggest sandbox on this side of Galaxy.

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