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Monday, June 27, 2016

How to make $5000 with War Thunder game - This guy did...

Daniil Zaitsev a bedroom coder has just cashed a cheque for $5000 from War Thunder developers Gaijin after his creation the He 219 aircraft.

It was included in the recent War Thunder update 1.59 (Flaming Arrows).

Revenue Share: Where Players become Developers
Adding this vehicle was possible thanks to War Thunders Revenue Share Partner System, which was introduced a while ago as an incentive for creative players to add to and help with the development of War Thunder.
The principle is simple: Exceptional work posted to War Thunder Live, the game's own content sharing platform, may catch the developers attention and thus has a chance of being added to the game. Similarly, players that have already made progress in creating something truly impressive, like the 3D model of a vehicle, are invited to contact us directly - as was the case with Daniil Zaitsev, who got in touch with one of our modellers. If you are interested in reading more about how the He 219 came to life, read more in the respective developer's blog!

The He 219, a Success Story for Revenue Share!
Included as a Premium vehicle to the German tree that is available for purchase by Golden Eagles, the He 219 quickly became a favorite for many players. And while the machine itself with its six cannons is truly interesting, we are sure that many players decided to support and thank a fellow War Thunder player for his hard work and dedication. Which is great thing, indeed!

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