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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

MARVEL Avengers Academy Fact Sheet - iOS Android

MARVEL Avengers Academy is ready to take you on all new adventures with a completely reimagined look for your favorite characters from Marvel’s Avengers universe.

For the first time in video game history, go back to school with young adult versions of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Falcon and more as they begin their education as students at Avengers Academy, the ultimate college for Super Heroes.

You’ll lead the Avengers crew through their school days as they take classes, play sports and engage in extra-curricular activities. For schoolwork you’ll be building teleporters and disarming intergalactic artifacts instead of writing the same old boring essays about Chaucer. Instead of practicing for the big game against your rival school, you’ll be exercising your super powers to take on Super Villains. Featuring hundreds of characters from across Avengers history in their formative years, MARVEL Avengers Academy’s super-powered school activities will take you on exciting and explosive adventures that Marvel fans have never seen before.

Key Features:
• Build the Avengers Academy of your dreams and create the ultimate Super Hero campus, complete with training facilities, combat arenas, dorms, laboratories, classrooms, sports stadiums, and more
• Discover your favorite Avengers heroes and villains reimagined as students developing their superpowers
• Experience totally new narrative-driven stories featuring your favorite Avengers from the Marvel Universe written in partnership between Marvel and TinyCo
• Go on dates, confront rival cliques, and navigate the social ups and downs of your characters’ lives as they struggle through the formative college years
• Power up your heroes and villains by sending them to class, joining sports teams, taking part in extracurricular activities, and training them to strengthen their super powers
• Immerse yourself in the Avengers world, travel to Asgard and other famous locations across the Marvel Universe, and go on exciting missions where you’ll battle against epic foes
• Customize your heroes and villains with unique abilities and never-before-seen outfits

Avengers characters currently confirmed for MARVEL Avengers Academy (playable and NPC):

• Captain America
• Iron Man
• The Hulk
• Thor
• Loki
• Black Widow
• Ms. Marvel
• Hawkeye
• Nick Fury
• Ant-Man
• Ultron
• Pepper Potts
• Wasp
• Enchantress
• Tigra
• Baron Zemo
• Falcon
• Plus many, many more to come…

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