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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Ronnie the Rooster play online link - coming to mobile

"I’m Ronnie, and I’m a rooster on a mission! It all started when the farm ran out of food, so I left to save the farm and explore the world! Erm.. I didn’t really think it through too much.

When I saw the first fox, I was – well, how can I put it – SCARED! It was three times the size of me! I’ve never run so fast in my life! I’ve had rocks to contend with (and I only have little legs) and the other obstacles out there, not to mention animals… I just had no idea! Rocks, holes, hay bales, mud and logs – but the farm needs food, so I will keep going, no matter what!"

'Ronnie the Rooster' is an adorable mobile game for young children, but it's bound to be adopted by adults too. There are over 50 levels with more to come.

The game has a 2D cartoon style, designed to make the main protagonist (Ronnie) look cute but clumsy and the fox enemies slightly fierce. The act of losing a life is made light hearted with a puff of feathers, before the round starts again. The aesthetic is an angled, look-down approach with parallax scrolling in the back and foreground.

Ronnie is meant to pick up corn and bread along the way, without coming into contact with any of the obstacles such as the holes, mud, and other animals.

The game is addictive! However the founder has taken an ethical approach to it. Users can purchase skins and lives, but as this is predominantly a game for children, they will not be able to spend crazy amounts of money on re-skinning or additional lives, within a short period of time. Not many games currently offer this level of user protection. Shaun also intends to give back to the community and is looking to partner with an animal charity caring for farm animals.

It is guaranteed that people the world over are going to fall in love with little Ronnie!

'Ronnie the Rooster' can be played at

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