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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ride a giant Beaver in Ark: Survival - PC

Natural Lumberjack Builds Dams and Gathers Wood and the New Handcuffs Help to Control Human Prisoners.

Available today on PC, ARK players can now tame, train, and mount Giant Beavers AND use handcuffs to rustle pesky humans should they try to, say, steal your Beaver. Today’s update also offers improved client and server performance streaming.

Steam survivors will find the newly-available Handcuffs useful for ensuring their prisoners don’t escape and aren’t violent, while the super-cuddly Giant Beaver creature can build Dams, harvest and carry vast quantities of Wood, and act as a mobile crafting station. Beavers also can swim! Wildcard Studio encourages Survivors to get onto their ARK now to ensure they’re the ones doing the Handcuffing, and not the other way around!

The Giant Beaver, aka Castoroides Feliconcisor, is a large, mammalian herbivore that tends to live near water. Unlike other larger beaver species, this one retains the chisel-shaped teeth of modern beavers. As is typical for beavers, they build dams as habitats, but the larger creatures on the island have a tendency to trample them. As a result, finding unsullied dams in the wild is quite rare.

The value of a tamed Castoroides is obvious from its physiology. The creature naturally gathers wood extremely efficiently, far more than most species on the island. It's not the strongest creature, so it can only carry limited amounts, and it doesn’t realize how dangerous the island actually is.

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