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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Destiny new halloween update new maps, new quests and masks festival of the Lost

Destiny's first Halloween event, Festival of the Lost, will last until November 9th. Bringing with it a new PvP map, new quests and 16 masks.

Collect candy from your quest givers put on one of the masks you've been given and then earn more.

If you defeat an enemy, while wearing your mask, you'll earn more candy (yum). Once you've filled you sack with candy return to the base Tower and you can exchange it for more masks! Masks lack any stats, so combat is tougher while wearing one.

The new PVP map is set on Dreadnought, Cathedral of the Dusk, it will stay in rotation after the halloween event ends.

Lord Shaxx's Redjacks have entered the Dreadnaught, clearing a path to the area known as the Cathedral of Dusk.

The Warlocks believe this vile site was a tomb, a place Oryx never thought the Light would touch. But now the Light is here, and Shaxx has claimed the Cathedral of Dusk as a new space to prepare for war.

The Cathedral of Dusk will remain in the rotation after the Festival ends for owners of Destiny: The Taken King.

Rare masks will last until the end of the event, or you can turn them into Legendary masks permanently with Paper Glue.

Three new Halloween-themed dances have also been added including the 'Thriller' dance.

You can create some of the masks yourselves via a number of paper craft plans.

Holiday emotes will only be available for sale for a limited time, but once purchased will always be available for your Guardians.

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