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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hyperdrive Massacre brings space mayhem to XBox One on January 13th

Wear an astronaut helmet, get behind the wheel of a space cadillac and throw down the gauntlet in this neon-fuelled arcade shooter in Spacewar sauce.

Invite friends over, grab controllers, crack open a few, lean back on the couch (or start jumping, your call), and enjoy the game on the platform it was designed for.

You’ll get to:
- Pick between 8 cars and wreak havoc in 4 space arenas, with same as much content to be unlocked by playing;
- Unleash an arsenal of 10 pick-up weapons including shotguns, grenades, homing missiles, energy spears, laser sniper rifles and mines, for your destructive amusement;
- Play defensively without being tediously passive! By raising your front shield, you can bounce off bullets right in the face of your attackers. Ha ha, BOOM!
- Enjoy 6 game modes, from basic Deathmatch to DeathRace, LastManStanding, Spong, and the RocketLeague-sque 2D SpaceSoccer;
- Mock your friends for their lack of hand-eye coordination, while you master the challenging zero-friction movement system;
- No friends around, or missing one player? Face the vicious AI and its 4 different difficulty settings.

Hyperdrive Massacre is coming to set your couch and CRT television ablaze on January 13th for a mere $9.99 / €9.99 with a 20% discount for Gold members at launch.

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