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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Victor Vran – Millions of Demons slain Midweek Madness and some elegant weapons - PC

Action-RPG Victor Vran gathered an army of Demon Hunters since its release in July.

Together they have looted the nice sum of 24.6 billion gold pieces and slain more than 379 million demons in the name of humanity. 86,291 Treasure and Bounty Hunts have been completed, 7,256,576 healing potions have been consumed and 2,609,483 secret treasures were discovered. See the infographic (below) for more fun stats!

Great news for everyone who wants to try Victor Vran; the Action-RPG is on a Midweek Madness sale on Steam with a big discount. Now is the perfect time to become a Demon Hunter and delve into the secrets of Zagoravia.

As with millions of fans around the globe, the developers at Haemimont are eagerly awaiting the Force to awaken. To celebrate the new movie, they're starting a treasure hunt for two thematic legendary weapons.

To participate, start the game and enter the treasure keys [FEEL-THE-FORCE] and [JOIN-THE-DARK-SIDE] in the Options menu. Good hunting!

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