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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Vector 36 Major PC Update, PS4 and Xbox One Versions Announced for 2016 - VR PS4 XO

Built as a physics-based racer, Vector 36 challenges you to create the skimmer that suits your piloting needs. Engineered by your hands, design plays a large role in the success of flight.

Test your creations to find the ultimate fit for taking down other rival pilots, as you perfect your trade both in the cockpit and the garage. Vector 36 is available now on PC in Early Access and will be releasing in late 2016 on PS4, and Xbox One.

Fully customizable, your skimmer is the creation of ideas and plans put into practice. Design, modify, and perfect your own skimmer with a variety of parts, accessories, and weapons. Each piece of your skimmer is bound by the laws of physics, making part placement key to your success while in flight.

VR Compatible
Vector 36 lets you sit inside the cockpit of your own skimmer creation. Controller support gives you in-cockpit control, while VR immersion takes you even further. Currently compatible with Oculus DK2, Vector 36 will be available on Oculus, Steam VR and Morpheus in 2016.

PC Early Access Update
- New DLC includes the 4 slot enclosed Garage!
- Stage 1 full VR support. Reworked cockpit models and interfaces.
- In-Cockpit pilot model and active IK added.
- Major optimisations to models and terrain.
- Rework of initial skimmer difficulty and flight model reworked for stability.
- Damage model change allows "brushing" against objects without total destruction.
- Skimmer History and initial save states (a skimmer undo button).
- Garage test mode before edit commitment.
- Controller input now drives interface making it easier for VR navigation.
- General stability and glitch fixes.

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