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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Squad action battle game - new screenshots released - PC

As Squad countdown continues to Steam release on December 15th, the developers want to introduce some features that have been in the works in the background for the last several months.

Two new factions are revealed, Russia Ground Forces and irregular Militia, integration of the Simul trueSKY™ to provide real time local weather in Squad’s real world maps’ locations, four new maps are shown in greater detail, two based on real world locales, one is a remake of a classic Project Reality Mod favourite, and the final new map is a CQB training range for squad level tactical engagements.

The tracers and explosions have been rebuilt and a half dozen new weapons have been added to the game in the form of new kit load outs for players to choose. Finally, a new system to randomise statics each and every round, be it a window or door missing up to an entire complex of buildings being replaced, crop fields turning into woodlands or any other reality bending manipulation the developers can theorise and in turn allow our own mappers and map modders easily and procedurally randomise their maps to keep the tactical situation fluid and unique each and every round of Squad.

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