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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Gamer Christmas present - Sinclair ZX Spectrum Book: a Visual Compendium plus 5% Discount code

Celebrates the visual side of the glorious Sinclair ZX Spectrum console. Each spread features a beautiful image and a select few words (these carefully considered comments vary from games facts, a mini review and even quotes from the original developer).

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A book that celebrates the beauty of one of the greatest home computers ever made; the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Unlike other books about the ZX Spectrum, it celebrates the visual side of the computer. Each spread in the book will focus on a different game, each represented with a striking visual, along with short reviews, developer quotes, and behind-the-scenes trivia. This ranges from a mini review from an ex journalist such as Audun Sorlie or Steve Jarratt to illustrations from renowned artists such as Roger Dean (Psygnosis) and Craig Stevenson, printed in all their full-colour glory! The book also feature game maps, loading screens and stunning artwork. The foreword has been written by ex-Binary Design graphic artist Ste Pickford, who made his name creating the artwork for classic games such as Cannon Fodder and Sensible Golf.

ZX Spectrum's life does not end there: the book will also take a look at the Russian development scene from the mid-'90s to the present day. Outstanding games such as Metalman Reloaded and Castlevania: A Spectral Interlude push the Spectrum to the limit thanks to the continued efforts of the lively and vibrant Russian homebrew scene. As with the C64 book, Sinclair ZX Spectrum: a visual compendium will showcase the awesome and iconic artwork by Oliver Frey. His legendary covers for Crash magazine will be printed in all their full-colour glory!

The different games and utilities featured throughout the book will flow in chronological order, starting in 1982 right through until the early '90s. Interviews with five leading ZX Spectrum artists are also included, each interview showcases their pixel work and include a 1000 word interview.

Quality / Pages
Spanning over 300+ pages and printed lithographically to the highest possible print standards. To achieve the Spectrum's unique colours in print, it will be using a coated silk paper for the pages that will extract the maximum brightness and accuracy to the screen colours.

Top of the range thread sewn perfect binding for added durability. This special type of binding also allows the book to be opened perfectly flat.

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The finished size is 230mm x 170mm.

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