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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

At the heart of the Japanese underworld - the supporting cast of Yakuza 5

Meet a lieutenant very blood Yakuza, an expert in handling and cop a prisoner sadist: Welcome to Yakuza 5.

It's hard to get bored when one bathes in 'feverish atmosphere of the small world of the Yakuza.
Violence, money, the permanent quest for respect and more or less legal activities nourish the daily drama of this protean universe magnetic charm. It is in this fascinating sociological ramen that intersect intractable gangsters, desperate civilians and other blokes that do all the salt of the Japanese underworld.

Discover five of the most notable figures that you will soon be brought to rub:

1) Masaru Watase is not the type to picnic peacefully under a weeping willow Sunday lunch. Lieutenant of the Omi Alliance brimming with ambition, this impressive guy wants to become the new sponsor of his clan. Watase wants only one thing: that the Tojo Clan rivals Tokyo thrive at most bestial fever to find a good gang war in the former. A simple frown sufficient for it to impose its views.

2) This mysterious figure of the Osaka Police intervenes in most intrigues of Yakuza 5. Stoic and elusive, he likes to refer the main characters of the story by sowing regularly key clues along the way. Handling? Personal revenge? Whatever his motives, it seems clearly to pull some strings ...

3) Majima Goro is the nervous type. This mad dog of the Shimano family is known for its warm blood and his penchant for extreme violence, but also for its boundless loyalty to his friends. Known head of the Yakuza universe, it should not pose too many problems in this fifth episode. Unless ...

4) Hiroshi Kugihara is a sadistic prisoner at the worrying lymphatic complexion. With his accomplices, it makes life difficult for Saejima Taiga with alarming regularity. Beatings keep coming, but for now Saejima manages to keep his cool and not retaliate. This situation can however not last long. Saejima is already sentenced to death, and so did not have much to lose in history 5) Sosuke Komaki is a small nerf ball in grunge look that s' flourishes in the muscular confrontation. If he takes from Kiryu, he helps eventually to get fit and proves to be a powerful ally. Aficionados of the Yakuza series will recognize probably the legacy of his fighting style.

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